Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures makes the Historic Renaissance Hotel the “most haunted hotel in Pittsburgh”

October 09 06:30 2018

Innovative company and leading producers of paranormal events, Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures brings ghost hunting event to the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh

Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures is an innovative company that has made a name for itself in the event industry, carving a niche as a leading producer of paranormal events.  Ghosts N’at takes people to the MOST HAUNTED locations in America for REAL ghost hunts. The company produces year-round paranormal related events in the Western Pennsylvania area and has announced that it’s next location for another spectacular ghost hunting adventure will be the historic Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.

Since 2015, the company has held several events not only in Pittsburgh but in different locations across Western Pennsylvania, taking people to historic haunted locations as well as providing guidance in performing paranormal investigations. The next stop for Brett McGinnis, the company’s co-founder and a co-star on SyFy Channel’s hit TV series “Ghost Hunters Academy”, and his team of ghost hunters is the Renaissance Hotel located in Downtown Pittsburgh, with the event scheduled to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of November, 2018.

During the guided ghost hunt, each participant will be paired with a REAL paranormal investigator.  They will use the latest and greatest in ghost hunting technology paired with years of training and experience to make contact with “The Other Side.”

The decision to hold a ghost hunt at the Renaissance should not come as a surprise.  Rumors of the building being haunted have circulated for decades. The hotel is housed in the Fulton Building which has served several purposes in it’s long life including a Veterans Hospital during WWII, hosting America’s first night-court for gasoline war ration violators, acting as a trade school, and housing the infamous nightclub “Heaven” in the 1980’s.

Upon opening as a hotel in 2001, guests & hotel employees have reported strange occurrences – including seeing a female dressed in “old-timey” clothing. Strange voices, noises and feelings have also been reported throughout the building.

The event is billed to offer attendees the best of both spirit worlds as an after-party paranormal mixer is scheduled to take place in the hotel bar after the ghost hunt, with participants getting a special discount to spend the night at the hotel.  Tickets to the ghost hunt are available for $65 per person.

More information about the event and how to get a ticket to participate can be found on With the November 3rd event already sold out, it is only a matter of time before the November 2nd event will follow.

About Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures

Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures is a fully insured, innovative company founded in 2015. The company was established in response to public demand for access to historic haunted locations and guidance in performing investigations. Ghosts N’at has several exclusive signature events taking people to some of the MOST HAUNTED locations in America for a REAL ghost hunt!

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