SalesLabX Opens “Spotify” Like Pardot Subscription For A Wider Group

October 09 22:55 2018
The popular subscription service from SalesLabX is getting a little easier to sign up for.

Austin, Texas – Pardot has always been a time-consuming endeavor for organizations and one of the nation’s fastest growing sales automation firms has always helped bridge the gap between what companies expected to do with Pardot and what they end up accomplishing.

With the invite only, the launch of its new Pardot Unlimited subscription earlier this year, it fundamentally transformed how companies leveraged Pardot. Giving access to Pardot experts, along with design and content generation at a “all you can consume” model similar to Spotify and Netflix. For the first time ever, they made Pardot truly accessible to companies at all levels.

Talking to Janet a VP of Marketing for one of the early adopter firms, allowed in the program, she reinforced what most in the program have been saying.

“It’s been amazing having a single source to design, create, and execute all our Pardot needs, every month. The fact that we don’t have to think about every project as an expense really allowed us, for the first time to actually use it how we intended.”

The only issue for companies thus far has been getting into the small group of users SalesLabX used as early adopters. As of today, that is changing, SalesLabX is confident that it will be able to support the new users at the existing all you can consume model as it starts pushing for a wider release.

The concept is definitely transformative as a majority of users of Pardot usually are not able to leverage it to its full capacity. Hiring consultants who don’t understand a companies’ unique position and plans has always been the only alternative, until now. Thinking of your Pardot campaigns and drips the same way you do with your Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, we think will do the same thing for Pardot usage as it did for music and media consumption, increase it exponentially.

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