Re-inventing the bitcoin, Paloalto, the next generation distributed computing network operating system.

October 12 16:45 2018

Ten-year blockchain is a new start, and from the 2008 launch of bitcoin to this day, the success of bitcoin can’t be replicated. Over the past decade, there have been thousands of virtual currencies learning to imitate bitcoin, but ultimately most of them can’t continue. Satoshi Nakamoto’s departure heralds an era of decentralization. And blockchain, which holds the core idea and technology of decentralization, brings a more fair, open and free digital space for mankind.

As the first and only active developer, Franz Fischer, bitcoin Jesus, started an important development work of bitcoin in the early years, and he established a friendship with Satoshi Nakamoto. Franz Fischer gained access right of the Bitcoin site’s administrator because of his trust, and he was credited with most of the code changes for Bitcoin version 0.2. A few years later, Mr. Nakamoto left the bitcoin project, but because of his departure, the community split nearly killed Bitcoin. At this time Franz Fischer came out to stabilize the community and solved the fatal problem through the system upgrade, allowing bitcoin to be reborn, and he is known as bitcoin Jesus. 

Paloalto is a new direction Franz·Fische brings to change the blockchain industry a decade later. Paloalto, known as the post-bitcoin era, pioneered a new public operating system solution. With the double-layer sharding technology integrated into the block chain architecture design, Paloalto is a block chain underlying technology scheme with Turing complete language, and it has high performance, high frequency throughput, security, decentralization, shrinkage and expansion.

Paloalto will carry more than a million levels of transaction processing capacity on the chain, combined with the high performance of state channel, data chain mechanism on the prediction machine and DAPP needs of being applied to global business activities, in the next decade, Paloalto will change the blockchain again with the most advanced technology innovation and decentralization to make blockchain a truly digital free space.

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