October 16 04:55 2018
Discover tons of intriguing facts about worldly events going on around our globe in this fun & simple social game!

Number of players: 2 to 6
Time to play: 30 to 45 minutes
Ages: 14+

Dallas, TX – October 15, 2018 – What is a fun & simple way where people can become more educated & familiar on all the intriguing worldly events, customs and cultural traditions going on around our globe while having a fun time doing so?

That question was solved with the creation of the Earthly Scenarios game! The major component of the game is the ‘Scenarios Card’, which contains three examples of worldly occurrences going on around our globe. Example: There is a bridge made of glass in China – Would you walk across it? There is a hotel in Sweden made of Ice – Would you sleep in it? There are fried tarantulas available for sale in Cambodia – Would you eat one?

To play, players take turns reading each of their three scenarios aloud to the other players and then the other players try to predict how likely the reader is to participate in that scenario. The reader will secretly choose one of the four following answers and then everyone else predicts what answer they chose; 1. Sure 2. Probably 3. Probably Not 4. Nope

Predict correctly and points are gained! Every time 3 points are accumulated an ‘Earthly Card’ can be drawn, which contains certain clauses on them that you can use on yourself to get ahead, or against other players to keep them down. First player to 30 points wins!

The learning aspect of Earthly Scenarios is how it stands out from other ‘party games’. Too many party games rely on crude cheap toilet humor to intrigue their players. Earthly Scenarios relies on factual worldly events to intrigue their players – making it a great game for a classroom like environment or a party like environment. This also coincides with the  social initiative behind this Kickstarter campaign – to get people from all walks of life more educated and familiar on all the intriguing worldly events, customs and cultural traditions going on around the world, while having a fun time doing so!

Please support the game and its social initiative on Kickstarter!

Search: ‘Earthly Scenarios’ on Kickstarter or Google to find the campaign or check it out in the link below:

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