Multi-Functional Wireless Power Bank Fast-Charger Launches on Kickstarter

October 17 01:10 2018
Photic can charge the latest smartphones twice as fast as other power banks

Hong Kong – A new portable, wireless and multi-function power bank is being launched today on Kickstarter in a crowdfunding campaign that wants to draw the attention of smartphone users with the special feature of charging the latest models of smartphones in a fast-charging way that is up to almost 3 times faster than other power banks.

Photic, the power bank created by Photic Technology is equipped with a 6000mAh battery that can be charged with a USB-C cable or Qualcomm’s QC3.0 charging method, ensuring that the device to be charged receives the perfect optimized voltage, reducing the usual waiting time that smartphone owners always need to endure while their devices charge.

“Photic’s mission is to make the charging experience of the latest smartphones a lot more efficient, fast and comfortable than other power banks allow it to be,” stated Richard, the founder of Photic Technology and of the Photic crowdfunding campaign.

“After all, it makes no sense for people to always face the need of waiting hours to have their devices fully charged, or to give up in the middle of the charging process due to being in a rush, thus creating problems to the battery’s life cycle, with the technology that is already available today,” the Chinese crowdfunder commented.

“It’s not just the phone charging experience that will be accelerated”, Mr. Shi added, further commenting that “the Photic power bank itself charges 2.7 times faster than ordinary power banks”.

The now crowdfunded device also presents the wireless charging features that are likely to entice owners with smartphones with wireless charging function to buy it. With its folding design, the device tightly attaches to the phone, preventing falls and battery charge interruptions. Its ergonomic design lets users keep watching videos and making other uses of the phone while it is charging and in a way that is ergonomically correct.

As a portable device, Photic has a slim and compact design, but its developers created it with a built-in metal hinge of high strength mechanical resistance and performance so that the device can withstand the typical intensive use that any smartphone owner would give it. “You can open and close it as many times as you want without worrying about it because Photic was made to last,” Mr. Shi further added.

The device has a one-touch switch that lets users seamlessly turn the power bank on or off, it has a technological display of power capacity, charging status and wireless charging status, letting users know how Photic’s battery and its charging functions are performing, and it is compliant with the QI, FCC and CE Standards.

Photic Technology Ltd. focuses on developing audio-visual consumer products and portable charging gadgets to improve the entertainment experience of consumers, such as Photic, incorporating cutting-edge technology and trend-setting creativity into its rising role in the IOT industry. Our CEO Richard Shi is passionate and devoted to cellphone accessories industry where he keeps all attention. He tried to elevate user experience by researching on new products, design, materials and visuals. His goal is to redefine beauty in this industry as well as improve overall industrial level through innovation and passion. This product is a result of this notion which is a combination of technology, fashion, reasonability and convenience. This product is an epitome of Mr. Shi’s painstaking efforts for years.

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