Millionaire By Choice An inspiring Journey of a Young Indian who builds Forex Empire in 10 years

September 02 15:45 2019
Millionaire By Choice An inspiring Journey of a Young Indian who builds Forex Empire in 10 years
Shveta Natu recently launched her book Millionaire By Choice, where she gives an account of struggles of Abhijit Kulkarni who finally makes his mark as a professional Forex trader and today manages billions of dollars for his clients as the CEO of Wealth Planet.

Mumbai – Sep 2, 2019 – Shveta Natu recently launched her book Millionaire by Choice on Kindle and in paperback edition to inspire investment enthusiasts who aspire to participate in highly profitable, yet complex Forex trading. The book gives an account of how Abhijit Kulkarni who started his stint with Forex trading in 2008, with no prior experience and no training struggles to master the ropes of trading at a time when Indian regulations were not particularly friendly towards Forex trading.

Millionaire By Choice author and COO of Wealth Planet, Shveta Natu has been a witness to Abhijit’s struggles from his initial days to his successful streak as Forex trader, fund manager and a mentor to international clients. When asked what inspired her to pen Millionaire by Choice, she responds, “Forex trading is still in its nasal stage in India despite it being a very lucrative market. Like every trading, Forex trading too has its share of risks and it takes knowledge, discipline, sound strategy and solid risk management in place to crack this market. The book entails every struggle that Abhijit faced since he left his lucrative job in 2008 to finally how he turned the tables to achieve success consistently for all these years.”

“Abhijit Kulkarni is a living example of how a combination of solid strategy, money management, risk management, perseverance, and self-discipline can reap millions not only for himself but also for his clients. The idea behind the book is to inspire enthusiastic investors and instill confidence in Forex trading, which has huge profit potential, when done right. This is the first time occasion where a book is published on a successful Indian Forex trader and therefore it must reach Indian traders,” she adds.

Millionaire by Choice was launched on Amazon and is available in Kindle and paperbook edition from August 15, 2019.  For more information, kindly visit or

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