Singapore’s cross-border e-commerce giant HOFA has teamed up with Mindef Exchange to create a new exchange ecosystem

September 02 16:09 2019

HOFA (Singapore) cross-border e-commerce business co., ltd. and the famous Mindef Exchange (under the abbreviation M.E.) reached a strategic cooperation;

HOFA spokesman said: Both sides will carry out multi-dimensional and comprehensive cooperation in promoting the media publicity and distribution market operation fund management of HOFA chain(HOFA), Serve global HOFA supporters, Both sides share ecological goals, Committed to a long-term relationship.

As in known to all: M exchange is funded and operated by several foundations and institutions. Currently, it focuses on the layout of block chain industry ecology, aiming to build mature block chain industry ecosystem and promote steady development of block chain industry through investment and cooperation of high-quality projects.

HOFA Chain (HOFA), Initiated and operated by HOFA international group, it aims to create an upgraded business model of consumer finance for the majority of consumers and SMEs by using block chain technology, build an Internet financial ecosystem that will ignite the future. At present, the group has been opened in Russia, Netherlands, Republic of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Britain, Canada, Philippines and other countries. HOFA e-commerce group has completed the construction of block key, cross-border e-commerce and international currency trading center trinity of new financial consumption mode.


  1. HOFA seek of Facebook, WeChat and other social platforms to build a new social economy block chain; Giving data back to social users; Anchoring the value of digital assets; Building decentralized social networks; Blockchain social new retail.
  2. Hongfa will integrate fintech smart retail and become the model of distribution in the new era and the benchmark of the industry in a new way

  3. By sharing the value of Hofa chain, users’ data will be drained to the Hofa platform, and the capital value generated by the platform will be fed back to users, making the terminal consumers become the real masters of capital.

Turing exchange will soon launch Hofa in a bid to broaden its customer base

Currently, there are more than 800 active digital currencies, while smart retail and blockchain are the two driving forces for the development of new consumer industries. HOFA, which is rooted in the global social market of one trillion yuan, seeks to perfectly integrate the blockchain technology with social finance with infinite prospects, and grow into the next global platform with a market value of 100 billion US dollar.

The Mindef exchange has now opened its HOFA trading zone.

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