CybX Security LLC Launches Virtual Browser on Kickstarter

September 02 18:42 2019
Quantum safe isolated web browser launched on Kickstarter from cyber security company, CybX Security LLC – Quantum Browser.

The world’s first quantum safe isolated browser launched on Kickstarter on August 23rd, 2019. CybX Security LLC have developed Quantum Browser to be an all in one solution for privacy and security when browsing the internet, available for home users, small businesses and enterprise level end users.

CybX recently shot to the top 10 of the Google Play Store with their Android firewall, Quantum Flare. Following this success, they have turned to the crowdfunding platform to build a community centered, secure web browsing solution with Quantum Browser.

“As a cyber security company that has dealt with government and big business, we also realize that there is a section of our society that is often overlooked,” says CEO Sean Chumura, “and they are the users we want for Quantum Browser. Children and senior citizens are targeted along with big businesses, and quite often, they are left wanting by their chosen firewall, VPN or security software company. We want to change this forever with Quantum Browser, and to ensure the software is future-proof, we have made it quantum safe.”

Quantum Browser is an isolated virtual browser, which means the content you see on the screen is not physically on your device. It is in fact in the cloud, on CybX servers, and being streamed to your device using proprietary cryptographic methods, and HTTPV (a more secure form of HTTPS). This brand new and ultra-secure method of browsing the internet means you never have to worry about malware, viruses, ransomware or trojans ever reaching your device, be it a smartphone or a desktop PC.

This is welcome news for small businesses, who are reluctant to spend the thousands of dollars a year to ensure their company is kept safe when browsing the internet. Home users, too, will see the benefit of such a cost-effective means of safe browsing.

Quantum Browser is accessed via a browser extension, where you log in to your isolated browser. The websites you then visit are streamed in real time to your screen. No code, scripts or website content is ever physically transmitted to your device, but rather kept safely in the cloud. Every movement of your mouse, and every navigation is seamlessly replicated in the isolated browser, so you are always in full control. When you log off, your session is destroyed, so no history or data is ever stored. Log back on, and you will have a brand-new IP address, and a brand-new browser session.

This is a brand-new technology, and does not rely on relay browsing, is not a VPN, nor is it a proxy. Isolated browsing is becoming increasingly popular, and Quantum Browser looks set to be a world beating, disruptive technology.

The browser will be available for under $10 per month, and with the Kickstarter now in full swing, users will be able to take advantage of “Super Early Bird” pledges, which will offer discounted subscriptions of up to one year, along with many other bonuses. The lowest pledge available, with a Quantum Browser subscription, is $10, which gives you a month subscription to the service.

Interested backers can now visit their Kickstarter page here.

To learn more about Quantum Browser, call Sean Chumura at +1 866 750 2929 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit their official website today at for more details about their company.

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