Spock (SPOK) IGO Sale 1282% Oversubscription

September 02 19:06 2019

On September 2, 2019, SPOCK is officially launched at BiHOLD.

After a year of research and development, Spock has launched the mainnet, and now it’s about to list on BiHODL on September 3, start a new age of decentralized storage market.

Spock(SPOK)Token Sale started at 14:00  (GMT+8) and ended at 16:00  (GMT+8) on September 2, 2019.

All orders placed during this period were treated equally. With a total of 128092933.1 SPOK were placed, the purchase ratio is 7.8%.

The SPOK Token Sale Result is as follows:

  • Total SPOK saled: 10,000,000
  • Total SPOK placed: 128092933.1
  • Purchase Ratio: 7.8% (10,000,000 / 128092933.1)
  • Overpurchase Ratio: 1282%
  • Actual individual purchased SPOK = 39,000 (Purchase limit for single account × Purchase Ratio)

Spock introduction

Spock Network is a decentralized storage platform. In the early stage, Spock Network mainly stores Proof of Capacity (POC) consensus data to effectively utilize the most suitable decentralization technology to encourage miners providing hard disk space. At the same time, on this basis, the support of smart contracts has also been added to support decentralized applications and POC-type tokens. In the future, the data stored in the Spock Network will support documents in any format such as documents, videos, and images, and truly fulfill the ideal of making block chain technology beneficial to everyone.

Spock is the leading charactor in the American classic sci-fi series Star Trek. This character represents rationality, justice, and the courage to explore the unknown. We chose Spock as the project name to encourage the team’s keep exploration of the new possibilities of the blockchain.

The website address: https://www.spockchain.org/index.html#page

The blockchain browser: http://www.spock.network

Detail info: https://bihodlteam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032884952-Spock-SPOK-IGO-Sale-Result-

Bihodl Exchange: https://www.bihodl.com

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