Adept Attorneys Serving Those Suffering Due to an Animal Attack

September 03 22:51 2019
Adept Attorneys Serving Those Suffering Due to an Animal Attack

Animal attacks are a serious issue. Across the US and throughout the world, people fall victim to animals when they attack more often than they realize. Take places like South Carolina, for example, where there have been reports of 75,000 animal attacks since 2010. It is not just dogs that can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Alligators, cows, horses and other animals have resulted in surprising headlines that show just how common these attacks are. That same CNN report revealed that from 1999 to 2014 almost 500 people were killed by dogs, and more than 1,100 people were killed by other mammals like cows and horses.

The Impact of Animal Attacks

Animal attacks can take unfortunately lives. Even when people are not killed by animal attacks, the incidences can leave victims with emotional and physical scars. It is an issue that can potentially harm people of all ages. Among the victims of animal attacks are innocent children and elderly people. Ferocious animals can also wreak havoc in what is considered safe settings like approved government camping spaces. Click for more info about the impact animals can have when they attack and what to do when they do.

Communities Taking Action Against Animal Attacks

Lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels have made some progress in advancing safety regulations to better prevent animal attacks. However, many of these legislative actions occur after people have been victims of animal attacks. Recent attacks in places like Gretna, Louisiana points to actions being taken by lawmakers. States like Texas have gotten tough on the issue too. Laws and prosecution levels relating to animal attacks differ throughout the U.S. though. Unfortunately, not all communities have laws in place to properly serve attack victims.

Consider Professional Legal Guidance

Animal attack victims are encouraged to use the services of a legal team well versed in animal attacks. The law offices of Jerome Lindsay Salmi, LLC out of Fairview Heights, Illinois has a record of successfully serving animal attack victims and other injury victims in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri. Six practice areas are covered through legal services provided by David J. Jerome, Jaye R. Lindsay and Richard E. Salmi. The three attorneys stand ready to handle any personal injury case, including animal attack cases. 

A Record of Success

The firm’s team has a stellar record of winning justice for their clients. Numerous positive reviews about the company have been made. Some of those great reviews can be found at the law firm’s website:

Consult with the Legal Team Today

Victims of animal attacks should turn to the law firm today to handle their animal attack cases. Do not get stuck in a long drawn out legal process with ongoing challenges. Turn to legal experts that can help you win your case right away so that you can get the compensation that you deserve.

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