Dream Dimension: Rise Of The Dreamer Is Not Just Another Fantasy Novel But One Of A Kind Paranormal Thriller

September 05 20:54 2019
Get surprised with all the twists and turns!

United Kingdom – Dream Dimension: Rise of the Dreamer is a 26,000-word paranormal novella. It is a paranormal fantasy mystery thriller with a Christian twist. The book is now published on Kindle in an eBook format and can be easily purchased from Amazon’s website provided below.

The book is written by highly talented Bola Ilumoka and the level of his creativity is easily evident from the brilliant book reviews he has been receiving from his customers. Bola Ilumoka is a Nigerian living and working in the UK as an application developer/programmer which he loves doing but not as much as writing stories. He is an active Christian in his congregation and believes he can touch the world through his writing. He likes to play chess and a few strategy games. He has a wife and two wonderful sons. He describes his new breath-taking book in the following words: “Dennis Riley enters a whole new world when he realizes that he can see into the future through his dreams. He also discovers that he can change world events before they happen in order to bring about a better future by simply manipulating his dreams. But as he does this, things don’t always turn out as he expects as he comes to find out he’s not the only one that has these kinds of abilities. He comes up against the Soul Mongers who are spirit assassins who torment and kill people in their dreams, battles against a bloodthirsty coven of witches and so much more.”

Dream Dimension: Rise of a Dreamer is a story that is made up of fantastic and metaphysical elements. The readers believe that it is not just another fantasy thriller but has a different touch which makes the whole reading time enjoyable.

The book has currently 4+ stars on Amazon and the reviews are quite positive. For instance, one of the readers posted: “This was a great read. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one in the series – Dream Dimension: Escape from Babylon. I usually get bored with fantasy books because it can get very repetitive sometimes, but this book had the right amount of action in various settings and ways. Well Done!” Another reader shared: “This is an interesting book which takes a new light on the paranormal thriller genre. I enjoyed the twists and turns of the book and I would definitely recommend it. Well done to this new author for a great debut novel.”

In a nutshell, Dream Dimension: Rise of a Dreamer is the perfect novel to read if you are craving to read something unusual but terrific. The novel nature of the story makes the book unputdownable until you have completed the whole story.

About the Author:

Bola Ilumoka is a Nigerian living and working in the UK as an application developer/programmer which he loves doing but not as much as writing stories.

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