Pegasus Digital – Digital Solutions Specialists Strictly Focusing on the Landscaping & Lawn Care Industry

September 05 23:15 2019
Pegasus Digital - Digital Solutions Specialists Strictly Focusing on the Landscaping & Lawn Care Industry
Pegasus Digital is helping landscapers and lawn care professionals drive new revenue every month.

Kansas City, Missouri – Pegasus Digital Agency is pleased to let landscapers and lawn care professionals know that by specifically working with companies within their industry, only the best and most battle-hardened digital solutions are utilized to help their companies grow. Catering to businesses of any size, from small startups to large companies, the Pegasus Digital team is well trained in all the latest digital technologies.

“We’re on a mission to take your landscaping or lawn care business to the next level,” says Pegasus Digital founder Eddie Kendall. “But we fully understand that it’s not as simple as it might sound. We’re thoroughly familiar with the industry, and we understand the issues that you have to face on a daily basis. We are proud to say we know landscapers on a personal level.”

One huge issue for landscapers, according to Kendall, is finding suitable employees:

“Too many people think that just because they can pick up some tools they’re ‘landscapers.’ We just how tough things can get when the owner is logistically capped out and can’t take on any new work because it’s hard to find reliable employees in a short amount of time.”

Kendall also understands just how unreliable ‘lead’ vendors like HomeAdvisor and Houzz can be in terms of finding new clients:

“You have to bid against so many other companies just to get a client from these places. Not only are the leads extremely expensive, sometimes the leads aren’t even looking for the services the landscaper offers! We don’t like how landscapers burn thousands of dollars because of these sites only to be left with disappointment.”

Kendall adds that it’s particularly troublesome to be in the position of wondering where the next job is going to come from:

“Word of mouth and referrals are great, but it only gets you so far. And we know that a lot of times it’s shooting in the dark when you post flyers or go door-to-door to advertise your services. Think of it this way – you got to where you’re at with word of mouth, referrals, flyers, etc. To rapidly scale past this point, you’re going to have to go with a new avenue and in today’s world, online platforms like Google and Facebook dominate this industry.

“The awesome thing about Pegasus Digital is that we don’t have cookie cutter solutions. We don’t have set services or even set pricing. We understand that every business is in a different stage of growth and every business owner has different goals. What we offer Company A is totally different than what we offer Company B. We take careful consideration about so many different factors before we come up with a custom strategy catered specially for your business. Our end goal is to at least leave you with as much clarity as possible on how you can strategically get to your desired goals within a short amount of time – despite whether or not you wish to work with us. We truly care about your business. That’s how we’re different.”

About the Company

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Pegasus Digital LLC offers landscapers and lawn care companies cutting edge digital solutions that deliver more revenue, customers, and client satisfaction without the need for lead vendors.

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