EQIBank Offers Digital Banking for Businesses in Over 180 Countries

September 06 09:36 2019
EQIBank Offers Digital Banking for Businesses in Over 180 Countries
As technology advances and disrupts the usual financial process, banks have the responsibility of meeting up with customer demand. EQIBank offer digital banking that is fast, efficient, and safe

London, United Kingdom – We’re in a different world where businesses are going global and millions of transactions are made every day, online. Unfortunately, banking processes have not been keeping up with the trends but a bank is taking a stand to change all of that.

TechBullion in a latest tech news reports that EQIBank, a leading bank known for their  innovation and technology  integration, has launched global digital banking for businesses in over 180 countries.

With this new system, transactions will now become lightning-fast and digital onboarding is introduced to further improve customer experience. Unlike other banks that still operate based on paperwork, EQIBank has completely digitized their system, targeting global citizens and making it easier for them to make use of their products.

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EQIBank has always been at the forefront of delivering transformational and innovative baking services and products. The company has many interests in different industries including banking, lending, insured custody, and wealth management.

They have been able to institute a progressive IT system that is truly digitized, constantly updated with new features, always open for business and consumer interactions, and made good use of their big data.

To ensure effective delivery of sustainable global banking services, they merge reliable and safe transactions with fast and efficient service delivery. They have been able to achieve this by balancing the traditional Know Your Customer (KYC) and consumer demand for immediacy, so that client’s KYC documents can be sent with only ‘one-click’, during the onboarding processes.

EQIBank is also a believer in the idea that technology is the future of banking. Today, many traditional banks are investing in digital banking technology – mobile, web and digital platforms.

As a modern bank, they serve as a platform on top of which third-party companies can build their own applications using the bank’s APIs and data. Basically, EQIBank is the right business partner for everyone who wants to move to the next level in their financial operations. As technology changes in every sphere, the responsibility falls on banks and financial institutions to reach beyond the usual banking practices. EQIBank is leading the world into an age where banking transaction will be swift and easy.

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