Production and broadcasting technology connects the inside and outside of the basketball World Cup

September 06 18:03 2019

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, September 1st Today is the day of school opening in the country. For the basketball World Cup, this is also an exciting day. Javier Mojica ignited the spark of the game with a defender jumper in the last second, helping Puerto Rico beat the powerful Iranian team 83-81, and made a remarkable score to become the first champion of the 2019 Guangzhou Basketball World Cup.

Exciting is not only the venue, but also the wonderful performances outside the venue. This magical performance was first transmitted to thousands of households through live broadcast signals. Mr. Zhang, who is watching the ball at Sanlitun Bar with his friends, told reporters that this is the second time he saw the champion in the international arena after Wang Shipeng defeated Slovenia in the World Championships in 2006. He jumped up from his chair with excitement and immediately thought of the same exciting night 13 years ago.

The players present showed their superb skills. Behind the arena, in order to present a perfect viewing experience, the supporting production and broadcasting techniques of various high-tech means are also dazzling.

It is reported that the public signal of the 2019 Basketball World Cup broadcasted in Guangzhou from Tencent. As the global partner of the Basketball World Cup and the exclusive partner of China’s digital media, Tencent Sports, as the main broadcaster of this basketball World Cup, participated in the public signal production and broadcast of all competitions in Guangzhou for the first time. This is also the first time that commercial enterprises have obtained the highest standards for the production and broadcasting of public signals for international competitions.

To this end, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television dispatched two UHD IP large-scale relay vehicles as the core of the system, and produced live relay signals by cascading. A total of 22 fast lane cameras, 2 microwave cameras and 2 miniature cameras were connected, including 6 high-speed cameras, including 5 3x high-speed cameras and 1 ultra-high-speed camera, supporting 800 frames of video.

As an indispensable slow-motion playback system for sporting events, the event used four 12-channel EVS servers. Each server has a high-speed channel playback function that ensures that all camera positions are connected to the playback system and connected to the Internet for fast material transfer. Thereby, it is ensured that the matching picture is played back in real time from a plurality of angles at the first time when the highlight picture appears.

In terms of audio, nearly 20 super-directional microphones were installed around the venue, in the auditorium, and other places where sound collection was required. A miniature directional microphone is also mounted behind each basket to collect the sound of the basket. At the same time, a floor patch microphone is installed around the floor to collect the sound of the ball touching the floor. The collection and mixing of a variety of sound sources enriches the audience’s sense of hearing and gives the audience a sense of presence.

In terms of special equipment, in addition to the general equipment in major sports events such as rocker arm and Steadicam, the station also uses a lot of special equipment for basketball events, including the track camera throughout the stadium and the top camera seat overlooking God. Stadiums and miniature cameras can be remotely controlled behind the backboard. The screen shot from a special angle perfectly complements the wonderful scenes that conventional airplanes cannot capture, and truly brings a rich visual feast to the audience.

Digital sports technology is changing with each passing day, and digital technology is having a subversive impact on the sports industry in countries around the world. However, in the field of global sports signal production and broadcasting, there has been a new breakthrough in the way this event has been disseminated. Undoubtedly, in the context of the upgrading of the world sports industry, technology-backed Internet companies will lead the future of industrial development. 

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