Tokon Martial Arts Managed By Sacramento’s Most Dynamic Duo Offering Corporate Classes

September 10 01:42 2019
Marcus and Christina Hinschberger first met each other at an international martial arts competition, and now the couple offer special martial arts training courses for children, adults and corporate groups at their newly expanded martial arts training center in Natomas/Sacramento.

Many years back, two young black belters met at an international martial arts competition, and their friendship soon evolved into a marital relationship. Fast forward a few decades, Marcus and Christina Hinschberger, those two black belters, are now bringing six decades of combined experience in Shotokan Karate, to the residents of Sacramento and beyond. Tokon Martial Arts, the martial arts school set up by the duo, now offers Shotokan Karate classes to corporate groups as well. 

Marcus and Christina Hinschberger, nicknamed as the most dynamic duo of Sacramento, have already earned the coveted Sensei title, which roughly translates into ‘Master Teacher’. The Master Teachers, who have completed decades of rigorous training and have won numerous trophies, now dedicate their efforts to transfer their martial arts skills using a combination of traditional training methods and cutting-edge technologies to their students. They do the same by providing their students with complete support and guidance so they can learn the basic values such as respect and discipline.

Marcus and Christina Hinschberger are described as outstanding educators, world-class athletes and role models by people who know the power couple personally. Christina herself is a second-generation expert in Shotokan Karate who was first trained by her father, Sensei E. Valdès. Sensei Bernd Hinschberger, father of Marcus, also trained his son in martial arts in Germany. Martial arts run through the veins of both Marcus and Christina. 

Besides being the co-founder of Tokon Martial Arts, Sensei Marcus is also the Chief Operating Officer of Taitoku Training, a corporate coaching program that offers martial arts courses for self-development and transformation. Sensei Marcus claimed that the courses are specifically designed for top management people, who have immensely benefitted from his productivity and efficiency boosting martial arts lessons. Companies can improve their communication, teamwork, productivity, profits through the martial arts training that Tokon Martial Arts and Taitoku Training offer. 

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Tokon Martial Arts is a school for traditional martial arts training run by Sacramento’s most dynamic couple, Sensei Marcus and Sensei Christina Hinschberger, who offer classes to children and adults as well as training classes for corporations and managers. 

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