Drop Those Inner Blocks! Toni Vaughn’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Find Spiritual Freedom!

September 10 17:36 2019

Santa Clarita, California, USA – Highly experienced life coach and author Toni Vaughn has now released her new book, Drop It Like It’s Hot: The Pocket Guide to Letting Go of Your Blocks. This new breakthrough book provides essential tools and tips for people from all walks of life to stop living in the mundane and find their true purpose in life. The author shares her personal journey of living in mediocrity and what it took to find the true meaning of her existence. It changed her perspective on everything and now she wants to help a large demographic of readers achieve the same spiritual freedom.

Vaughn saw her parents get divorced at a young age and went through multiple marriages herself, each having its own implications; she experienced the good and the bad in every life situation and desperately sought some kind of balance. Travelling state to state and leaving one dead-end job for another, Toni started finding her true purpose in life when she enrolled in a course through The College of Natural Medicine to become a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. It was then that she started to tap into the root cause of her blocks and thus, she started to eliminate them. Through this experience, she gained a renewed perspective of herself, others and the world around her. She is now providing her most tangible methods in this new book.

Drop It Like It’s Hot simplifies the process of attaining clarity and inner peace in life. The title refers to dropping limiting beliefs such as shame, anger and resentment and taking on positive coping mechanisms to embrace every situation in life with clarity and dignity. The author uses laws of the Universe to help readers get to the root of their limiting blocks in life and prevent them from coming back. Her simple methods, paired with her refreshing outlook, make the advice in this book highly adaptable and practical for all readers. With each page of the book, readers are urged to initiate a transformative experience in their life and start anew.

Toni Vaughn is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a coveted life coach. She aims to spread her knowledge and her tools for optimal living through her work as an author. Calling her latest book a ‘wake up call for the soul’, Toni aims to take her readers on a path of self discovery to help them overcome struggles. By practicing what she preaches, she sets an example for her readers.

Toni Vaughn is available for interviews.

Drop It Like It’s Hot: The Pocket Guide to Letting Go Of Your Blocks is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FPM29HT

About Toni Vaughn: https://www.amazon.com/author/tonivaughn

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