B2B Lead Generation Tactics Revealed in New Anyleads Marketing Guide

September 10 18:30 2019
“Lead generation strategy defines business growth. The company with the best recipe for lead generation has the advantage of dominating the market of their choice.” – (Mathieu Picard, CEO, Anyleads).

B2B lead generation determines whether or not a business succeeds at developing a lucrative B2B marketing strategy, setting realistic goals and accomplishing those goals by providing a sales team with opportunities, tools and training to convert visitors into repeat clientele. Over the last several years, technological advances have prompted intermediate marketing strategies in order to meet demand for higher volume and more focused B2B lead generation and marketing approaches.

Anyleads uses bold and innovative methods of lead generation and even offers a full suite of tools to allow a multifaceted approach to contemporary B2B lead generation by designing solutions to focus on long-term, adaptable approaches to B2B marketing, automation and remarketing. Though somewhat controversial and often given a bad name by those who have implemented failed strategies, evidence suggests that an appropriately launched and intuitive cold email campaign can be one of the best sources of B2B lead generation.

Anyleads offers insight as to the steps necessary in ensuring a successful  B2B cold email campaign in order to generate leads. Experts in their field, Anyleads identifies a factor in successful B2B lead generation that transcends the bounds of just cold email campaigns- engaging content sells ideas and draws potential clients further down the B2B sales funnel. Their recently-published blog article explains in great detail to the reader the necessity of combining the right strategy with the best B2B prospecting tools in order to generate B2B leads that convert.

Additionally, the article provides several protips to B2B lead generation through cold email campaigns, including: the pitfalls of overusing parameters, how to nurture prospects into a business relationship by personalizing the message and the proper way to set up an email sequence using multiple emails. Anyleads is dedicated to more than celebrating the methods that work, they also demonstrate the value of learning from the failures of poorly strategized B2B lead generation campaigns.

Marketers seeking B2B lead generation often fail to consider who makes the decisions about hiring a company or paying for a service. Instead some marketing strategies focus only on C-level executives. Some forsake building a relationship with their client by instead launching into a pitch offering something for free, while others mistake the company for the targeted persona. This highly intuitive B2B lead generation article also warns against purchasing email lists and publishing self-promotion instead of engaging content.

Besides cold emails, Anyleads carefully maps the pros and cons of other B2B lead generation tactics such as: Facebook and Linkedin ads, backlinks, pop-ups, display and search networks, retargeting, automation, chatbots, email marketing, webinars, CTA, product demos, gated content and Slideshare. Though no single option is a one-size-fits-all approach to B2B lead generation, understanding the benefits of each allows a marketer an advanced strategy of choosing the correct combination of methods to increase lead volume and quality. 

Anyleads knows as well as any expert in the B2B industry the importance of publishing informative and captivating content. This B2B lead generation blog article shares some of the benchmarks and focal points for using content marketing to increase leads.

Learn more about B2B lead generation today by visiting Anyleads’ frequently updated blog https://anyleads.com/b2b-lead-generation.

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