Plumber In DC Prepares Clients With Care And Maintenance Tips For Septic Tanks

September 12 00:09 2019
Plumber In DC has posted some useful care and maintenance tips for septic tanks on its website. According to the company, septic tanks should be inspected regularly and thoroughly by a professional plumber as part of routine maintenance.

Washington, DC – Plumber In DC has revealed some important tips for maintaining a private septic tank in Washington DC. In a recently published blog on its website, the company has indicated that proper flushing habits will help enhance the functionality and prolong the life of a septic tank.

Plumber In DC has shared some important insights regarding the care and maintenance of private septic tanks in Washington DC. The company has dedicated a whole blog post on the care and maintenance of septic tanks in DC. The blog was published recently on the company’s website. Plumber In DC starts by noting that there are very many private septic tanks in the city. Actually, the company states that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that about 25% of all homes in the United States use septic tanks to drain their sewer system. As such, Plumber In DC thinks that it’s very important to teach people how to take good care of their septic tanks.

Before sharing the care and maintenance tips for a septic tank, Plumber In DC first explains how the whole thing works. The company then shares the first care and maintenance tip, which is a regular and thorough inspection plan. These inspections should be done by a professional plumber. The second care and maintenance tip for a private septic tank according to Plumber In DC is proper flushing habits.

The toilet should only be used to flush human waste and toilet paper; no other solid foreign objects. The third and last care and maintenance tip for private septic tanks is water conservation. Plumber In DC indicates that water should be used conservatively in the drainage and sewer system to avoid “flooding” the drain field near the septic tank. The company states that they strive to ensure plumbing safety and functionality for all of their clients.

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