XTOP is a Leading Global Digital Contract Trading Platform

September 17 06:24 2019

XTOP is an global digital contract trading platform. Serve the needs of the real economy, the service multi-level capital market system is built for the purpose. Provide users with convenient digital contract trading services, as well as a safe and comfortable trading environment. XTOP is committed to being a reliable, stable and reputable digital contract trading platform that not only provides users with safe, convenient and fair digital contract trading services, but also comprehensively protects user transaction information security and asset security.

XTOP leading global digital contract trading platform consistently adheres to our own characteristics for the protection of services, adhering to the provision of quality customer service, leading platform technology, competitive transaction costs, to meet the different needs of international investors, Adhering to the service concept of “making investment simpler”. XTOP leading global digital contract trading platform has gradually developed some foreign exchange investment platforms with advantages and core competitiveness after years of development and customer inspection.

XTOP leading global digital contract trading platform combines the operation of traditional financial. The platform has authoritatively certified memory matching technology, and the processing speed is much higher than the industry average. On the product, the system supports multiple languages ​​and user experience. Excellent; in operation, Universal has an active community with users from all over the world, and many partners and traders provide sufficient liquidity for the platform. At the same time, XTOP leading global digital contract trading platform respects and protects the privacy of users and provides you with more accurate and personalized services.


1) Advanced Transaction Matching EngineHigh-speed Transaction Matching Engine Stably run to handle massive transactions and orders.

2) Global MarketOriented to global market, XTOP runs 24/7 to attract investors and integrate liquidity.

3) Hedge Reduces RisksAvoid the risks arising from price fluctuations in spot market, lock overall profits and losses, and stabilize income.

4) Perpetual contract transactionsnever delivery, 1 to 100 times leverage, excellent risk control model to reduce market risk.

5) Secure WalletsKeep your digital assets in user wallets.

6) Algorithmic TradingAPI for crossplatform trading robots

Welcome to the state-of-the-art platform for Bitcoin transactions.

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