Technology Start-Up FIDO to Fetch the $1.0B Dog-Walking Industry

November 28 01:18 2019

As technology increases, the tolerance for human-error decreases. As a pet owner, having to concern yourself with who your dog-walker is, or isn’t, or if your dog will be safe at home when you arrive from work, should not be an issue that our current and future generations must continue to face. Trust is the problem, technology is the solution, and FIDO has the answer. 

Manhattan based technology start-up FIDO is utilizing Web 3.0 technology by integrating AI, blockchain, and machine learning algorithms to enter and disrupt the $1.0B dog-walking market. FIDO is aiming to shatter the current market woes of traditional models by giving the customers a restored sense of faith in the dog-service industry, “The most valuable asset to any business is trust, without it, you will fail,” says FIDO founder, Joshua Way. The company is being led by entrepreneur and CEO, Joshua P. Way, with his co-founder, CTO, and 3.0-guru, Jake Perez.

FIDO, or F.I.D.O, which stands for (Find and Identify Dogs Online) is an on-demand dog-walking technology company that uses Web 3.0 advancements such as AI, Blockchain, and machine learning to tackle critical issues being faced by the dog-service industry. The next-generation canine service will include capabilities to monitor a dog’s condition and location at any time, and will provide the client with a complete chain of events that covers each step of the process, from entry into the home, until the dog is safely returned, giving absolute peace of mind to the owner. With current outdated technologies, the state of the industry has come under scrutiny for putting client’s property at risk, and dogs in harm’s way. Most notably, the Web 2.0 competitor Wag! has come under public devastation for lack of proper vetting, abused animals, and a data breach that left customers compromised and exploited. “The use of our patented MARY AI technology and FIDO software alleviates any security concern, both internal and external. What this means is that the entire process, from hailing a walker, to the door being locked, is all logged, vetted, and verified; our internal data is secured using advanced and enhanced data encryption methods, as well as quantum-proof technology”, states CTO, Jake Perez.

About FIDO, AI

FIDO, AI is a Web 3.0 focused technology company that is nestled in the heart of Manhattan, New York. The company was founded in 2019 by technology enthusiasts Joshua P. Way and Jake Perez. FIDO aims to bring trust back to an industry which has fallen short as of recent times due to a growing number of industry pains, among them; lack of trust, lacklustre service, data-breaches, misrepresentation, and animal harm. Pet-friendly FIDO is the disruptive industry solution for a safer, trusted, more secure on-demand alternative. For early access, users can sign-up on the company website; for all other updates, please follow FIDO via LinkedIn.

FIDO believes in trust between animal and human, our promise is to Keep Fido Safe.

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