The Foreign Language Collective Creates First Multilingual Urban Dictionary

December 02 14:21 2019
The Foreign Language Collective Creates First Multilingual Urban Dictionary
The multilingual dictionary doesn’t simply inform the reader what something means, but where it’s used, how frequently, and by whom.

The Hague, The Netherlands – The Foreign Language Collective is pleased to announce the creation of Untranslatable, a multilingual Urban Dictionary to help share slang and idioms from all over the world.  The unique dictionary will not only inform the reader what the term means, but also specific location of use, literal translation, frequency of use, and whether there is a specific group of people who use it (such as teens, hipsters, bankers, etc).

Untranslatable will include over 260+ languages and their dialects. For most of these languages, this will be the first online dictionary where native speakers are able to add their own submissions.

“It’s a tool than can be used by language learners, but it can also help with language preservation, and giving underrepresented languages or dialects a formal place on the Internet,” says Amarens Jonker, founder of Untranslatable.  “Since the launch of the idea, over 24.172+ peoplehave started following us and expressed their interest in the few days we have launched the idea on social media.”

In order to complete the creation of the platform, a Kickstarter has been launched by the company. Supporters can get rewards, such as an Untranslatable Calendar for the year 2020, which has 12 different untranslatable expressions from 12 different languages, related to the month. The goal is to raise at least €10.000 for the creation of the platform.

On the platform users will be able to add their submission by filling out a form. Afterwards, the submission will be checked by a moderator. Once approved, it will be visible on the website.

Those visiting can filter for language, country, region, and any other additional information that might be relevant.

For more information about Untranslatable, please visit

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About the Company

The Foreign Language Collective was founded by Amarens Jonker, a 24 year old from the Netherlands.  With a passion for languages and spending time behind the computer, Jonker majored in Linguistics at the University of Leiden, and is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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