R.I.N.D Records Cleans House Dropping Entire Roster

December 05 11:50 2019
R.I.N.D Records Drops Entire Roster

Madison, Wisconsin, USA – December 5th, 2019 – We have confirmation today that RIND Records USA has released their entire roster of Artist.

In an unheard of move, news has leaked that RIND Records CEO/Founder Tom Hooks has released every Artist from the Label. A person close to the company has confirmed the news.

It appears that the label has every intention of moving forward at this time as social media post have stated that big changes are coming to the label for 2020. This wouldn’t be the first time RIND has made some major changes, in 2016 the label separated from the parent company Rock Is Not Dead Entertainment and experienced major market growth.

In early 2019 the announcement of a new imprint on RIND Records named Rotted Brain Records was announced. Later in this year another imprint Soul Funk Records was announced. Recently the former parent company RIND Entertainment underwent a change and is now Bludgeoned Music Media.

The only comment from Tom Hooks was “2020 is looking great. Looking forward to getting back to our Family feeling”. It seems that something in the works is just the way of life for Hooks as it seems that there is never any grass growing under his feet.

Mr. Hooks did say in his response that he will be making a “Major Announcement” before Christmas, stating the best way to keep up, is to follow RIND Records on Facebook.

RIND Records on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/recordwithrind/

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