Rock Star Partnership Announced: Ms. Texas Elite Woman of Achievement Teams Up with 3rd Rock Essentials and Happy Living

December 06 14:37 2019

Austin, TX – 3rd Rock Essentials and Happy Living have joined forces with Ms. Texas Elite Woman of Achievement Heather Ann Havenwood, and the world of naturally-made female-empowered personal care will never be the same.

Heather Ann, aka Chief Sexy Boss — bestselling author, award-winning nationally syndicated radio host, Huffington Post Female Entrepreneur to Watch — is an influencer of influencers whose mission is to empower women to ditch the ‘man as a plan mindset’ and start their own business.

“When my mom got divorced and dad left her no money or prospects, it was sink or swim — so I swam,” says Heather Ann. “I learned what I needed and created a million-dollar business. Now I live to give back, to help women develop our skills and transform our mindset to achieve economic freedom so we can live our dreams.”

Matt Gersper, CEO of 3rd Rock Essentials, founder of Happy Living, and author of Inspiring Women, saw the opportunity to partner with Heather Ann and went for it. “My book features eleven women deeply immersed in work they love, creating something genuinely connected to who they are, and bringing value to others,” says Matt. “And our company 3rd Rock is all about ingredients from Mother Earth. Once I knew Heather Ann’s mission is to empower women to achieve true independence by starting their own business—our synergies aligned, and we made it happen. Heather Ann Havenwood is a true 3rd Rock Star.”

With her Texas-sized personally ambitious mission to influence 10,000 women, everyone at 3rd Rock and Happy Living agrees, the future is female, and we’ve partnered with one powerful woman.


For more information, contact: [email protected]

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