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“I don’t want to die, I just want to make another film.”

Los Angeles, CA – Jan 27, 2020 – Watch ‘MY HINDU FRIEND’ today on Amazon and other various digital platforms today:

From past Oscar-nominated director, Héctor Babenco’s (Kiss of the Spider Woman, Pixote), MY HINDU FRIEND (aka ‘Meu Amigo Hindu’) was his final feature film before his death in 2016. Penned as a semi-autobiographical drama co-written by Guilherme Moraes Guintella (Principal Dancer, Instigated, Sintonia), MY HINDU FRIEND features an outstanding and committed performance by four-time Academy Award nominee, Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man, The Lighthouse, The Florida Project).

MY HINDU FRIEND serves as an admirable swansong for Héctor Babenco; a director deeply invested in the human condition without judgment, who uses his final two hours to indulge, admonish and inflame the audience with no fear of reprisal,” wrote Top 10 Films.

MY HINDU FRIEND follows ‘Diego’, a talented American filmmaker, whose life is quickly disrupted after being diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. Tempestuous and close to death, Diego marries the beautiful ‘Livia’ (Maria Fernanda Cândido) before heading to Seattle for life-saving treatments, including receiving a bone marrow transplant. Battling daily pain and potential death, Diego meets a young Hindu boy (Rio Adlakha), with whom he plays chess with while sharing stories and future dreams. Chances are that Diego won’t survive, but if he does, he must re-learn how to live. Could his new friend be the key to surviving – and learning how to live?

As a celebration of life, Babenco’s final film is ultimately a story about rebirth and someone who suddenly loses everything: his career, friendships, and sexual life, forcing himself to start over again. MY HINDU FRIEND is his tribute to life, love, and above all, cinema.

MY HINDU FRIEND is a deep-dive into what makes life worth living – love, art, and how for some of us, the two are different words for the same thing. It’s a frank and often raw assessment of one’s life and the meaning we give it when it’s on being threatened with extinction,” wrote Assholes Watching Movies.

As Babenco’s homage to his life and personal experiences, MY HINDU FRIEND showcases immaculate impeccable cinematography from Mauro Pinheiro Jr., bringing to light Dafoe’s commitment to his role as ‘Diego’.

“Willem Dafoe does an amazing job portraying a film director with cancer. Very natural, very realistic and one feels the despair. Nevertheless, the film, in my opinion, never becomes depressing,” wrote Irish Film Critic.

ROCK SALT RELEASING released MY HINDU FRIEND onto various digital streaming platforms Jan. 17th (Amazon, iTunes, inDemand, DirecTV, Vudu, Google Play, FANDANGO, Vimeo on Demand, FlixFing, Hoopla, AT&T, Xbox, Sony & Sling/Dish).

Watch the trailer for MY HINDU FRIEND here:

Alongside a tour de force performance from Dafoe, MY HINDU FRIEND stars Brazil’s top, award-winning talent including, Maria Fernada Cândido (Dom, Edge of Desire series, Terra Nostra), Reynaldo Gianecchini (Family Ties, Shades of Sin, Belissima series, Seven Sins series), Selton Mello (The Mechanism, The Movie of My Life, Trash), Bárbara Paz (Viver a Vida, Marisol, Manual Para Atropelar Cachorro, Seize the Day) and Guilherme Weber (Desert, Shades of Sin, The Big Catch).

MY HINDU FRIEND (2019, 124 min.) Directed and written by: Héctor Babenco. Co-writer: Guilherme Moraes Guintella. Producers: Hector Babenco, Jeremy Thomas, Marcelo Torress. Editor: Gustavo Giani. Cinematographer: Mauro Pinheiro Jr. Original music: Zbigniew Preisner. Brazil, English. O2 Productions, Rock Salt Releasing, Producer’s representative: The Movie Agency.

Production Company: O2 Productions.

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