Siddons Law Firm Outlines Three Things That Media Residents Should Not Do Before Filing for Bankruptcy

March 24 00:03 2020
Siddons Law Firm Outlines Three Things That Media Residents Should Not Do Before Filing for Bankruptcy
Siddons Law Firm has announced that they would enlighten Media locals on the three things they should not do before filing for bankruptcy. The team believes that this will make the locals aware of the rules and requirements that they need to meet to ensure they are granted bankruptcy.

Media, PA – March 23, 2020 – The Siddons Law Firm, a team of qualified bankruptcy lawyer media PA, based in Media recently announced that it is going to enlighten people on the three things that they should not do before filing for bankruptcy. This is to deter clients from doing certain things that might jeopardize their bankruptcy case. The team understands that bankruptcy is a complicated process that has many different requirements, procedures, and rules. That’s why they have decided to caution clients on the need to be careful when filing for bankruptcy to increase their chances of winning.

The team says that people should not try to get rid of their property before filing for bankruptcy. As much as many people might try to sell their property to raise some extra cash, the move is not advisable. This is because the court may seize all your property even before you think of doing that. And in case you do so, the court might suspect you of asset hiding and fraud. The team advises locals always to avoid transferring or selling their property just before they file for bankruptcy. Siddons Law Firm encourages locals to always seek legal advice and services from them before taking such steps. 

They have also said that people should not go on a shopping spree during this time. Siddons Law Firm affirms that shopping during this time might raise eyebrows from the court and jeopardize the case. Especially if you spend large amounts knowing that the balances will be discharged in your case. The team advises the clients always to document their need for the purchase or avoid using credit if the need to make large purchases arises. This way, they can be able to justify everything should the need be.

Besides, the team also warns the clients against closing their accounts before filing for bankruptcy. Recent statistics showed that almost everyone in Media tried to cash out their retirement account at one point in time. This led to serious problems that could otherwise be avoided. The team advises the clients to always leave those assets alone since they are safer in their accounts than when they are turned into cash. Siddons Law Firm advises clients always to seek legal advice before trying to cash their accounts. This way, they can get a chance to discuss the implications of such decisions with their media bankruptcy lawyer first. Besides, the court may suspect them of trying to commit fraud as well as hiding their assets if they close their accounts.

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