Olympic Champion Callum Skinner & Physicist Alexander Macdonald Partner To Launch Award Winning Revolutionary HindSight Rear View Cycling Glasses

May 22 23:36 2020

Road safety for cyclists has always been an issue, particularly since they have so many blind spots while they are on the road. Even with side mirror attachments, many cyclists often face difficulties with minor blind spots.

Two young UK entrepreneurs, physicist Alexander Macdonald and Olympic Gold Medalist in Cycling Callum Skinner decided to tackle this problem definitively, through the invention of HindSight cycling glasses. 

The glasses, which combine safety with style for the discerning urban cyclist, boast patent-pending rear-view lens technology. With enhanced situational awareness at their core, the revolutionary glasses are stylistically and functionally integrated and fit seamlessly into a cyclist’s routine, crucially allowing the cyclist to maintain their forward peripheral vision while checking behind them – achieving rear vision with only a minimal glance of the head.

HindSight is the brain-child of Alexander Macdonald, who is not just a cycling enthusiast but is also a physicist who enjoys solving problems. The concept for the rearview cycling glasses came from his personal cycling accidents and near-misses. The concept has won first place at the Scottish EDGE competition, the largest innovation prize in the UK.

The brilliant team behind HindSight also includes Robert Henderson, an award-winning engineer and recipient of The European Inventor Award and the MacRobert Award. With such a strong team, it is no surprise that these simple glasses are genuinely revolutionary. 

Furthermore, these cycling glasses have been proven to improve the performance of professional cyclists. It can lead to a better cycling experience as HindSight allows one to view their competition as well as see obstacles ahead and behind without destabilising. 

In fact, the patent-pending technology is not only tried and tested; it’s backed by Olympian gold-medallist Callum Skinner. When using the glasses for the first time, Skinner stated, “When I first tried HindSight glasses, it was a complete no-brainer. I didn’t really want to take them off.”

The glasses effectively provide increased road situational awareness for cyclists, improved performance, and more confidence while cycling on the road by removing blind spots and enhancing their understanding of the road. HindSight glasses offers true-mirror visuals, no setup, and ideal transparency to preserve front view clarity with the glasses as well.  

As a bonus, HindSight is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish as well. Based on one’s individual preferences, there are three different finishes that one can choose from, namely, the EDGE Sport, the EDGE Hemp, and the EDGE Hemp Core. The Hemp models are hand-made in Scotland and designed to be durable, sustainable, and lightweight.

Currently, anyone interested in getting the HindSight rearview cycling glasses can do so by backing it on Kickstarter. Available packages are based on the style as well as the early-bird discounts ranging from 25% to 40%. Shipping will begin by October 2020 once the crowdfunding campaign is complete.

About HindSight 

HindSight is a team of dreamers, pragmatists and champions. 

From humble beginnings in a London warehouse flat, HindSight’s team has grown from one cycling nerd to a team of industry professionals and cycling world record holders – we would love you to join us on our journey. In our small but mighty team we have: 

HindSight Chief Executive Officer, Alex Macdonald, said: “The birth of HindSight came from a situation with which many urban cyclists will be able to relate – having one near miss too many with road traffic. As a regular cyclist, I was aware that knowing what was coming behind me would allow me to make smarter decisions; and so, HindSight was born.

“With cycling becoming more popular and accessible to everyone, and more people choosing to cycle to work, cyclists are having to increasingly prioritise their safety. That’s why, with its revolutionary rearview mirror ‘safety first’ technology that provides rear vision without sacrificing forward sight, HindSight will be a win-win product that benefits cyclists and other road users.” 

HindSight Co-Founder and Ambassador, and Rio 2016 Olympic Champion Callum Skinner, said: “We are extremely proud to be launching these revolutionary, first-of-a-kind cycling glasses. As a professional cyclist myself, I know the importance of road safety, so we are incredibly excited to see the impact these glasses will have on fellow cyclists, not only by helping with their own safety, but also that of other road users.

“I’m also struck by the potential of the HindSight glasses to help professional cyclists reach their peak performance. Managing aerodynamic profile is essential for any elite cyclist, and, by turning back to look over your shoulder, you can easily lose efficiencies to your speed and performance. I believe HindSight glasses provide the answer to this and will change the norm as we know it. In doing so, HindSight will revolutionise the way people cycle for years to come,” he added.Robert Henderson – award winning optical systems engineer who won The European Inventor Award, and The MacRobert Award. 

Ian Crawford – COO, an early stage advisor who recognized the opportunity and promise of HindSight, jumping on board to help. Please join us on this adventure and check out our Kickstarter campaign! 

Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexandermacdonald/HindSight-olympian-backed-rear-view-cycling-glasses/

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