How Smartwatches Work: A Guide to the World of Smartwatches

June 05 00:24 2020

Smartwatches are all the rage. People are used to the standard watch, with time ticking away and maybe the ability to tell what day it is on their watch. But a lot of people pull out their smartphones to look at the time instead of looking at their wrists.

The reason is that standard watches aren’t as technologically advanced as they could be.

Until now. Smartwatches, like the Oshen Watch, provide the additional power that consumers have always craved from their watches.

How Smartwatches Work

A smartwatch is a sensor-filled watch that is able to help you track a variety of different health measurements, including: 

  • Sleep. A vital requirement of life is sleep. When you can monitor your sleep cycles and know you’re sleeping well, you’ll be confident that you’re doing all you can for your health.

  • Steps. The step counters are very popular because they’re a great indicator of whether or not you’re active enough. When measuring steps, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re reaching your activity goals. Sensors in the watch will include step monitoring. While not always accurate, the counters do provide a general idea of how many steps you’ve taken.

  • Heart rate. Built-in sensors allow you to properly check your heart rate. The sensors provide accurate readings and ensure that you know when you’re in your target zone for burning calories.

  • Sedentary. If you’ve been sitting too long or haven’t moved in a while, built-in sensors will also be alerted to this and may notify you of the issue. It may be that you’re just relaxing the day away, or it could be that time got away from you and now it’s time to move.

Of course, these sensors are just part of how a smartwatch works. Unlike your standard watch, this watch has a rechargeable battery that powers it up. Your standard watch’s battery may last two to four years without issue, but you’ll have to charge a smartwatch every three to four days. When you start looking at the evolution of smartwatches, you’ll find watches like this
Oshen Watch review which says they are able to offer lower cost watches that run well and are still feature-rich. 

It takes a lot of power to run a standard fitness band.

Recharging via a micro-USB is the most common way to charge a fitness band. The charging allows you to run all of your gadgets. There is also a sensor that always monitors the battery’s levels and alerts you when the battery is running low.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows for integral connecting to both your phone and your headpiece if you wish. The Bluetooth sensors in the phone allow you to check for and connect to your devices. Once paired, you’ll be able to extend your watch’s functionality even further with the option of being able to monitor and even make:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages

Notifications can be sent to your watch’s screen to alert you to what a text message said or that someone commented on your new Instagram post.

And one of the features that comes in handy is that you can use a wireless headset to accept or make calls from your watch. As long as your smartphone is paired and nearby, you’ll be able to leverage the calling ability of your phone.

If you’re at the gym, it’s a lot easier to answer a call with a tap on your wrist rather than digging through your pockets to find your phone.

The use of Bluetooth and syncing to your phone also allows you to share vital data from the health monitoring mentioned earlier with your phone. Sharing this information allows you to export it to your favorite apps for more logging and analytics.

Internet Connectivity

Some, but not all, smartwatches will connect to the Internet. If you’re connected to the Internet, this opens up the worldwide web to you in seconds. You’ll be able to browse your favorite websites, check your email and even download apps.

Fitness watches will often not come equipped with this advanced Internet function for two reasons:

  • People like larger screens, so the trend has had difficulty catching on
  • The hardware to allow for Internet connection adds to the total cost of the watch

The nice thing about being able to use the Internet is tha