Qvault launches two new Computer Science courses in the Go Programming language

September 21 20:42 2020
Qvault has expanded its rich course portfolio by adding two new engaging and useful courses in their app!

Salt Lake City, UT, USA – Qvault is an educational platform that has made the process of learning engaging for students by ‘gamifying’ courses that are offered in their web app. Qvault is a hub of premium programming courses and relevant articles. After successfully launching a few initial courses, Qvault is excited to add two more courses in its platform namely the Big-0 Algorithms course and Practical Cryptography course. Both courses will be taught in the Go Programming language.

The Big-O Algorithms course is specifically designed for engineers who wish to brush up their Computer Science knowledge or are willing to learn the fundamentals for the very first time. The management at Qvault believes that it is impossible to become a senior developer without understanding how algorithms work. Therefore, it was deemed necessary to publish a comprehensive course for aspirants.

On the other hand, the Practical Cryptography course is crafted for developers who want to learn the fundamentals that underpin the security of applications. This course will help the students to build and understand secure digital systems. “Registered students will be able to practice writing cryptographic functions in the Go language in the browser, thus eliminating the fuss of configuring a local dev setup.

Qvault was founded by Lane Wagner with the goal of revamping the online education system. At Qvault, courses are designed in such a manner that students stay motivated to stick with the material until the end. While talking about what distinguishes his platform from others, Wagner said: “Many of our competitors are open platforms where anyone can create and monetize a course. As a result, these platforms are packed with thousands of courses that all cover the same content. It is impossible for their users to find good content without doing extensive research. It is a waste of time and money – two things that most students do not have. We hand-craft each of our courses and update them often. We only maintain one course of any given kind, making it easy for you to find the best course for the subject you’re trying to learn.”

Other courses such as ‘Go Mastery’ and ‘Interview Prep – Go’ are written in Go as well. It is a growing language and is becoming a cornerstone of back-end and DevOps engineering. All coding assignments and quizzes, as usual, are completed right in the browser.

About the Company:

Qvault is the home of high-quality programming courses and articles. Our well-researched articles focus on best coding practices, Golang, JavaScript, and cryptography. We hope to help programmers of all proficiencies improve themselves daily. Quality is our highest priority. Recently, the company has introduced two new courses which are taught in Golang.

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