All Women Want Luxurious Beautiful Eyelashes and Brows that Enhance Overall Appearance

September 22 03:34 2020

Let us be honest.  Nothing enhances a woman’s beauty more than a full, thick, velvety pair of eyelashes and great looking brows. Unfortunately, most women are not naturally born with these features, especially the lashes. Many purchase “glue on” eyelashes to compensate or turn to messy layers of mascara which run and streak. Many women turn to salons to assist.  O. P. Sudios specializes in the permanent placement of natural looking eyelash fillers, both 2-D lashes for a natural look, and 3-D lashes for a more dramatic look.  These are interspersed and placed amongst a client’s own lashes, giving the appearance of real lashes not paste on or mascara applied lashes.  These are typically known as eyelash extensions.  The services also can include eyelash and eyeliner tattooing and other treatments to enhance lash fullness and appearance, and enhance brows also, but the lash extensions are popular. 

Eyelash extensions are now more affordable and being sought throughout Canada.

They are more permanent and do not require reapplication each day.  Mascara isno longer needed to achieve fullness and length and they can also have the most natural look possible.While not totally permanent, lash extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending upon the rate of growth of the natural lash as they are attached to the natural lash.  They should be kept clean and dry to extend their life span and this can be done by combing through with a spoolie brush and even using a lash conditioner.  Lash conditioners will keep them soft and in place longer.  Brushing the lashes removes all dirt and particles of dust and it is recommended that this be done daily.  A lash placement technician will assist clients in deciding on the curve of the lashes, and the exact length and will discuss the care of the lashes and how to avoid lost lashes prematurely. Other services will also be discussed.

To afford these lash extensions, many salons such as O. P. Studios now offer specials.

The prices can range from $90 CAD to $395 CAD depending upon type, either 2-D or 3-D, length, and style.  However, salons now are more competitive, and a great bargain can be found on a good set of extensions for a mere $80 CAD in salons such as O. P. Studios. Technicians should be well trained for the most natural application and the longest wear possible and a consultation should be made before an appointment to decide on exactly what type of lash enhancement is sought.  Lash extensions are not surgery, but a good technician might want to assess the amounts of lashes needed and the amount of time it will take to place all the lashes as well as the other services such as brow enhancements, tattooing and powdering.   Clients do need to know what effect they are seeking and explore options. 

About O.P. Studios

O.P. Studios in Vaughan serves the Ontario area with a wide range of cosmetic enhancements for brows, lips, and of course, eyelashes.  From the popular extensions to eyeliner and brow tattoo services, there are a wide range of eyelash and brow enhancements, as well as lip enhancement treatments. There is a contact form to book appointments, an email, and a phone for questions.  There are specials that are run from time to time especially on the lash extensions.  A prior consultation is also recommended to assist clients with their choice of enhancements. 

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