Assistance with Addiction and Mental Health is Easy via Remote Online Sessions

September 22 19:08 2020

Struggling with an addiction problem is many times an isolating and rather stressful experience.  Not only do individuals suffer from the addiction, but the withdrawal symptoms can last for months, or even years.  While the physical addiction problems should be done via medical supervision, the emotional withdrawal symptoms, stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression must also be addressed after a medical detox takes place.  It is difficult sometimes to stay clean and sober and drug free when suffering the mental and emotional long-term effects of addiction.  It is also more difficult now to get the one on one therapy needed as many therapy clinics in Canada are operating on a limited schedule.  This is where Addiction Rehab Toronto can assist.  This addiction and mental health clinic can not only address addiction issues that exist remotely but other types of mental health issues.  Their services can provide family counselling and all other types of counselling that is needed in the stressful times of today.

Remote counselling has many advantages and can be accessed very easily.

It only requires a computer and internet access.  A camera is nice as clients can see the counsellor, and they can see the clients, but this is not necessary.  Sound is necessary of course, as talk therapy will be done.  It is advised that a quiet room be chosen with no distractions and that cell phones are turned off to avoid interruption.  Punctuality is also a priority as clients are scheduled just like in person therapy.  If any disruption in service does occur it is wise to reschedule immediately.  These are appointments just like any other offline appointment. 

While some individuals flourished in Canada throughout the Covid-19 lockdown others did not.

Some job loss occurred, and schools were closed, leaving family members alone at home many times with financial pressures and other stress related issues.  Especially for those struggling with mental health or emotional issues before, addictions might have occurred or recurred.  At other times, those that were battling addictions found themselves with little resources such as their weekly stay sober meetings, and their meetings with their therapists.  The need for good remote services for addiction and other issues have now made it possible to have services right at home that are just as good as offline services. 

Canadian mental health issues statistics are staggering. 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, by age 40 almost 50% of Canadians will experience some sort of mental health crisis.  There are many reasons for this, some genetic and some societal.  The vast swath of land that is Canada also makes it difficult to access services as many areas are very remote.  As a result, individuals can turn to self-medication with drugs or alcohol to alleviate stress and anxiety and therefore develop addiction problems.  It is a no-win situation sometimes.  Remote counselling such as provided by Addiction Rehab Toronto can assist immensely in the prevention of addiction and the worsening of mental health issues.  It is quick, easy and very private.  All it takes is a willingness to start and keep pursuing good mental health. 

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

This mental health and substance abuse provider specialize in addiction therapy and prevention but also in other types of therapy such as family and couples therapy, and anxiety and depression.  They have a chat feature for immediate assistance on questions, a phone that is toll-free, appointment booking in 48-72 hours, a choice of counsellors, and savings when purchasing a package.  There is also a video link for more info and an FAQ.  The focus now is on remote services. 

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