WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Services Deliver Great Results for Business Starters

September 22 21:08 2020
Owning and running a successful business is a dream of many. People associate having a business to financial freedom, stability, and maybe even recognition. Realizing a great business idea and achieving a sense of accomplishment are certainly strong motivators for entrepreneurs.

But starting a business is risky as success is never a guarantee. More businesses fail than succeed. Most studies show that a fifth of companies fails during the first two years of being open. The figure climbs to almost half in the first five years of operation. And finally, only a quarter of new businesses survive the first 15 years. Some experts see an even bleaker outlook, offering starker numbers.

What are the top reasons that businesses fail? There are a handful of reasons. Some fail to take in too much debt. Others manage their cash flow poorly. Still, others blame ineffective leadership. But among the top reason why businesses fail is an interesting one: the lack of online presence.

How significant is an online presence? The internet has fundamentally changed how people consume goods and services. More and more people are heading online to make purchases because of convenience, access to product or services information, the ability to make price comparisons, product, and service reviews, and avoid crowds. Anyone of these accounts for more than half of the reason people go to the internet to shop. It follows that having an online presence allows businesses to gain a wider audience and make themselves open to a broader market.

But the internet is a big place. Where does a business go to get the most exposure? People spend time doing a variety of things online, like shopping, visiting multi-media sites, communicating via email or chat, doing searches, and reading content. But by far, people spend the most time lingering on social networking platforms. How long? The global average is somewhere between two to three hours a day. That is more time spent than either eating and drinking, doing housework, or even real-life socializing.

Social media marketing is the way to go for a new business to establish an active online presence and gain the best chance to survive and even flourish. What benefits can a newcomer expect with social media marketing, and how should one go about it?

The best way to go about social media marketing is to partner with an outfit specializing in digital marketing. A partner like WebsiteSuccess.Tools. 

WebsiteSuccess.Tools is a provider of several web-based solutions catering to start-ups and scaling businesses. One of their most popular services is their Social Media Marketing and Management Services.

Through this award-winning service, business starters can expect the following benefits:

A Tailor-Fit Social Media Marketing Strategy – WebsiteSuccess.Tools understands that no two businesses are alike. So, it ensures a unique strategy that will fit the wants and needs of business owners through a detailed social media consultation and planning.

Brand-Building – This encompasses many end goals for the brand itself, first of which is Brand Recognition. People chose products and services they recognized, and through social media marketing, WebsiteSuccess.Tools can put a brand front and center in a customer’s daily social media experience. As recognition is developed, WebsiteSuccess.Tools creates a buzz around the brand, promoting conversation and engagement, all of which in turn nurture customer trust in the brand.

Attract Customers – WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Social Media Strategy can be designed to redirect traffic to a business’s website. More visitors mean better conversion rate customers that improve a business’ bottom line.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction and Builds Loyalty – part of WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ strategy is for a business to retain its connection to its customers through social media. This is important because customers who are happy and kept happy (through social media engagement or customer service) become repeat customers. Creating a positive relationship with customers builds loyalty.

WebsiteSuccess.Tools can get more varied and detailed about the intended outcome of its social media marketing. It can customize a strategy for purposes of link-building or in aid of SEO, social listening, competitor research, market retargeting, A/B testing, or promotional reasons.

All in all, WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Social Media Marketing and Management Service offer the best internet promotion for new businesses in terms of results and return of marketing investment. For more information, visit For inquiries or questions, email [email protected].

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