New Startup Aims to Frequently Check Body Temperature with Wearable Alert Device

September 23 01:30 2020
New Startup Aims to Frequently Check Body Temperature with Wearable Alert Device

Davie, Florida – Jeff Rose, Randy Kane and Craig Goldstein, co-founders of the startup Tadsafe™, LLC, have developed a cost-effective wearable “Temperature Alert Device™”, known as TAD™, that automatically takes the wearer’s wrist skin temperature every 15-minutes.

Upon a timed or manual activation, the wearer ’s temperature is displayed with an LED light that illuminates in green for normal range, amber for elevated temperatures between 99.6°F & 100.3°F and red when the wearer’s wrist skin temperature reaches 100.6° F or greater. These visible LEDs remain illuminated until the next auto or manual reading providing themselves and others in proximity with the comfort in knowing their temperature is within normal range or have the insight to take action should it be in an elevated range.

“Body temperature is the mo st commonly used vital sign to identify illness by clinicians across all specialties,” said Dr. Julian Trivino, Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician and the medical advisor for TAD. “Being able to identify early fluctuations in temperature has the potential to save lives and keep those around us safe.”

TAD is not a smartwatch or medical device. It is a wearable bracelet that remains illuminated with 1 of 3 distinct colors, green, amber & red, based on the wearer’s temperature and alerts the wearer and those around them when their temperature is elevated. The wearer can thus be removed from the environment to protect others from potential illness and more importantly, to be evaluated by a medical professional if and when necessary.

There are a multitude of thermometers (mercury, digital and thermal) on the market , however, forehead temperature readings are usually taken only once in various environments. “What makes TAD unique is that there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth attached to TAD, it’s a practical and viable way to visibly monitor an employee or student’s temperature on a visual and continual basis without invading their privacy, thus ensuring the comfort and safety of those around the person wearing the device,” said Co-Founder and Manager Partner Randy Kane.

The founding team’s goal is to create “TAD Safe” facilities to help open businesses, schools and municipalities again by providing a simple, easy-to-use Temperature Alert Device that’s affordable to the average consumer, as well as to businesses who can provide them to their employees who work indoors or are not exposed to fluctuating temperatures that could affect their reading.

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