Boxers, Briefs Or Jocks? Next Gay Thing’s New Guide Reveals The Ideal Option For Any Body Type

September 24 01:42 2020
Boxers, Briefs Or Jocks? Next Gay Thing's New Guide Reveals The Ideal Option For Any Body Type
There’s a perfect pair of underwear for each body type, the top subscription box’s guide says

Next Gay Thing, the world’s number one designer underwear & grooming product subscription box for gay men, has revealed their guide to picking the right underwear for each body type. Which one’s yours?

Men tend to underestimate the importance and power of good underwear. If it’s too tight, too loose, or if you’re wearing that old grey pair of pants that were once white, you’ve got to do something about it. Underwear is a staple item, yet we tend to forget about it.

So what’s the best option for each body type? Check it carefully as you want to be sure to choose the correct types should you try a Gay Pack!

All body types

First of all, there’s a category of underwear that fits everyone regardless of their body type. Namely, jockstraps. It’s a scientifically proven fact they suit all men at all times. But now let’s get to the other options.

Slim, any height

When you have a slimmer physique, you will always have to opt for the tighter options because wearing baggy underwear can make you look more skinny or bony. Trunks suit this body type the most as they are longer than briefs yet not too tight to be worn. Wearing them won’t make you look as if you are wearing a diaper and at the same time your legs won’t look like matches sticking out of a pile of fabric too.

Best option: Trunks. They’re not baggy like the larger boxers, which means your legs won’t look lost within all that material. However, all in all, we’d say only the baggier boxers won’t work for this body type and you could also wear briefs, boxer briefs and look fab.

Muscular or fit, any height

Okay, here’s the bad news… for us. As if already everything doesn’t fit this body type, all types of underwear work for it too. Yes, you will always look like an underwear model wearing whichever type of them. Just get a nice pair to use your full potential.

Best option: All

Bigger and under 5’9 / 175 cm

The main thing here is to make sure the underwear won’t make you look rounder than you are and to emphasise good proportions. Also, if you wear underwear that is too long, it’ll make you look shorter than you are.

Best option: Trunks and boxer briefs as they make you look taller and emphasise straight lines.

But there’s more! You can check the full body type and underwear guide on Next Gay Thing’s magazine Freedom & Undies at

Having launched in 2013 in Berlin, Next Gay Thing is the world’s number one subscription box with designer underwear and grooming products for gay men. It’s been available worldwide since 2014 with subscribers all over the US and the world.

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