Cvcode Introduces A Social Data Software That Analyses And Correctly Predicts Behaviour And Ability Of An Individual

September 29 20:10 2020
Cvcode Introduces A Social Data Software That Analyses And Correctly Predicts Behaviour And Ability Of An Individual


“CVCODE: a software application that accurately reveals individual’s personality”

Artem Amentes announces the launching of CVCODE, a personality software that has been designed to use personal data of individuals to accurately analyse, define and predict a person’s personality and worldview. CVCODE fused artificial intelligence, personal traits, social data and science together to create software that masterfully allows people to discover their true self, strengths and weaknesses with just a click. Furthermore, the application can be used by companies and brand to analyse their recruits, workers and staff

CVCODE is therefore, a service that can analyze the Facebook profile and provide personality traits, career advice and self-development path for users. CVCODE also use famous tests like big5, MBTI, Belbin and IQ to predict user behaviour, future and personality traits. At the official website, user can discover personal, professional and social sides of his Facebook profile. Users are therefore enjoyed to give CVCODE a try regardless of their beliefs and attitude to science.

Furthermore, CVCODE Social data analysis and behaviour prediction can be used to discover more about one’s Facebook profile with the help of Artificial Intelligence embedded in the CVCODE by Artem Amentes.  The software also project and predict personality and social behaviour, using social and demographic data. Also, by registering with CVCODE, users, regardless of colour of their skin, location or age can use the CVCODE to find out their talents, professional skills, partners, life mission and relationship. CVCODE uses 4 ways analysis:

  • Primary neuronet: This is classification of profiles with use of name, place and age.
  • Secondary neuronet: This is natural language processing for data from profile or tests.
  • Online tests: This is popular personality tests for skills, mind and behaviour.
  • Special sauce: This is social matrix developed by Social Code team for the AI tuning.

CVCODE develops machine learning methods for recognizing personality traits and predict human behaviour. CVCODE can also help users understand their individuality and get deeper meaning of their life. It is also designed to help users understand different aspects of behaviour and figure out weak and strong sides. Using CVCODE, users also get list of soft skills and career advice on job role,” said Artem Amentes, the founder of CVCODE. “We have created this application package to help brands and individuals deeply understand workers and themselves. Therefore, CVCODE is a reliable and efficient system which can reveal, in a twinkle of an eye, the true personality of each person through minimal data fed into it,” he concluded.

Primarily, negligible details like age, location, IQ level, temperament, linguistic prowess, genetic makeup, information flow, among others, have significant effects on individual behaviour and personality. Hence, CVCODE uses Facebook posts, individual details, location, age and other information to analyse and show users their real nature and future. Users can also link their Facebook account to CVCODE.

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