Ancient Posture Delivers Simple, Time-Tested Remedy for Poor Posture and Back Pain

October 03 08:06 2020
All-new Ancient Roman Back Brace merges ancient remedy with modern technology for effectiveness

Poor posture causes problems including back pain in up to 80 percent of all Americans, according to experts, highlighting the need for proper posture awareness. The team at Ancient Posture is providing that awareness while offering a simple, natural corrective device called the Ancient Roman Back Brace.

The team at innovative startup Ancient Posture discovered that legionaries in Ancient Rome could carry weight of up to 100 pounds for 8+ hours every single day without back pain because their armor held their back and spine straight. With this in mind, the Ancient Posture team created the Ancient Roman Back Brace. This brace features AdaptaSpine technology and a design that allows the brace to adapt to the body and shoulders and provide optimal back pain relief. A belt holds the Ancient Roman Back Brace in place to help combat pain, and a small piece of metal within the brace helps enhance the right spinal position.

“A back brace is a safe and scientifically proven way to fight slouching, poor posture, and back pain,” said the team at Ancient Posture.

There have been a long list of studies conducted that highlight the effectiveness of back braces for enhancing posture and reducing back pain, but the Ancient Roman Back Brace offers a superior design and technology that blends an ancient remedy with modern science.

According to a spokesperson at Ancient Posture, “Over 200,000 Americans have already purchased the Ancient Roman Back Brace, and this number keeps growing every day.”

People with office jobs who sit at desks are among the most at risk for developing back pain due to poor posture, as well as those who work in industrial settings, lift heavy items, and stay on their feet for hours on end. This makes Ancient Posture’s Ancient Roman Back Brace a viable solution for virtually anyone who wants to reduce their back pain and improve posture with a natural alternative that actually corrects the problem at hand. While medications might mask the pain, correcting posture is the only way to truly eliminate the root of the problem.

Ancient Posture says their back brace is the first posture corrector with a belt, proven to fight back pain, slouching and poor posture in just 30 minutes per day. The Ancient Roman Back Brace is comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and provides a fast way to improve posture. Men and women of all sizes can comfortably wear the brace with full customization built right into the product. Customers can say goodbye to difficult measuring and simply adjust the brace to their bodies.

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Ancient Posture promotes healthy posture with their newly launched Ancient Roman Back Brace.

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