Over 50 Authors Give Their Diverse Perception about Love in “Love Meets Life”

October 06 22:52 2020
Popular love advocate, Tara Ijai, compiles works of a group of love rebel authors in “Love Meets Life: Stories of Love Showing up in Unexpected Ways” to bring awareness to major contemporary issues

“Love Meets Life: Stories of Love Showing up in Unexpected Ways” is a new book that was recently launched as a group of authors from different parts of the world tell their unique love stories and share their idea of love. The book was compiled by Tara Ijai as she continues in her quest of spreading the message of love via all possible platforms.

The concept of “love” has been described by tons of people across the globe, with each definition depending on the perception of the individual. While it remains a case of different strokes for different folks, the universality of love and the need to always share it cannot be overemphasized. Tara Ijai has been championing the “love-sharing movement” for years and she recently took it a notch higher through “Love Meets Life: Stories of Love Showing up in Unexpected Ways.”

Published by As You Wish Publishing, the book takes readers on a journey with more than 50 vastly different authors and their stories of how they write about their idea of love. The book is particularly unique, with the authors sharing their authentic stories filled with all kinds of emotions that will make readers laugh, feel, and cry as they stay connected to love.

Some of the world-renowned authors featured in the compilation include Chris Love, Linda Donegan, Deedra Abboud, Marianne Hudspeth, and Nora Malfettone, with a foreword by Tara Ijai.

The book has already started to receive accolades from readers across the globe. “Great stories from the heart. Love is everywhere, just look!” said Nancy Heimstra.

In line with the authors’ goal of creating a love movement to generate positivity and connect as many people as possible with the true meaning of love, they will be giving a free Kindle Download Promotion on October 13th.

The Kindle and Paperback formats of “Love Meets Life: Stories of Love Showing up in Unexpected Ways” is currently available on Amazon.

About Tara Ijai

Tara Ijai is the founder of Love Glasses Revolution LLC. She has dedicated her resources to promoting positivity and encouraging people to see the world with love. Tara works with other charitable organizations by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her heart-shaped glasses to non-profit groups.

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