Business Enterprise Mapping Shares the Secret to Better Business Performance

October 07 23:33 2020
Business Enterprise Mapping Shares the Secret to Better Business Performance
70% of all business improvement opportunities are caused by broken processes

Business processes define how work gets done in any organization, regardless of size, shape, or type. After extensive data collection and analysis with 300 different enterprises over 25 years, Business Enterprise Mapping has discovered the two primary drivers of poor organizational performance. The number one driver identified (at about 50%) is the lack of defined business processes for executing work. Business process deficiencies bring unnecessary workflow complexity, redundant reviews and approvals, and excessive non-value added work. The second driver identified (at about 20%) is the organization silo, where barriers result from workflow handoffs crossing department boundaries that get dropped, causing delays, errors, rework and a dip in productivity.

How Does This Happen? While organizations make substantial investments in facilities, information technology, people, knowledge, and equipment, business leaders often forget that it takes strong business processes to make these assets productive and valuable to the organization. Because of broken business processes, investments in other assets yield less value while overall performance suffers. Strong business processes provide the engine that powers organization performance.

What’s the Solution? Business Enterprise Mapping systematically builds reliable and capable business processes that makes the execution of leadership’s intention possible. By defining, improving and aligning business processes and systems, organizations gain the ability to create meaningful customer value, improve profitability and the substantially increase competitiveness.

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