Beauty Brand, Neo + Noel Announces Kickstarter Launching November 10th

October 08 12:03 2020
Beauty Brand, Neo + Noel Announces Kickstarter Launching November 10th
Neo + Noel is a beauty brand that aims to bring clean ingredients and a diverse range of high-performing colors to people of all skin tones.

Kickstarter Launching November 10th:

What motivated you to create this?

As a huge proponent of safe products and the #1 fan of clean beauty, I came to a point in my life where I realized that I was having to mix 2-3 different shades of lipstick just to find my perfect nude lip shade, whereas my other makeup-loving counterparts always had a go-to shade to choose from. To me, this was the beauty industry’s way of telling me, a woman of color and so many other people that looked like me, that we didn’t have access to safe/nontoxic products and we didn’t even get the option to decide what we wanted to put in our bodies. So I embarked on creating Neo + Noel, a brand that bridges the gap between clean and color.

Our first product launch is the Bare It All Creamy Nude Lipstick with 20 shades to choose from so anyone with the fairest skin to the deepest skin can find their perfect match. I also wanted to make sure that this was a product that really worked well with the skin because oftentimes clean makeup can get a bad wrap for not being high-performing. I also wanted to make sure that we never included anything that might be linked to cancer or organ toxicity and of course we are always cruelty-free.

Why will this idea be meaningful to others?

Neo + Noel is there for every person who has ever struggled to find the perfect color to flatter their skin tone. We are for the fair-skinned freckled girls who can’t find the perfect nude lipstick to match their undertone and the dark-skinned girls who have never found a nude dark enough to flatter their skin tone.

We hope by bridging the gap between clean and color, more people will be open to trying clean makeup and never fear that it won’t look good on their skin tone.

What is the most important part of the work you are trying to promote?

By not providing a diversified shade range, beauty brands are telling an already marginalized group of people that they do not have the right to safe, non-toxic products. We must do better to provide safe and effective products to all people across the spectrum.

If you could only tell someone one thing about the project that really gets to the core of why you’re doing what you’re doing, what is that thing?

We make a lipstick that’s super clean, super pigmented, and super moisturizing with 20 shades to choose from so anyone from the fairest skin to the deepest skin can find their perfect match.

Can you tie what you’re doing to something in the news or trending on social media in a way that feels genuine? Why is what you’re doing particularly relevant at this moment?

Our message is relevant now more than ever today as consumers are demanding more from the brands they’re buying from. People are demanding inclusivity within the actual product (shade ranges, models used, etc) and behind the scenes, the meaning is there anyone involved in the decision making that represents women of color? “Pull Up for Change” has been an amazing movement that has really brought this issue to the forefront. Created by Sharon Chuter of Uoma Beauty, the movement encouraged beauty brands and a growing number of companies outside the beauty realm to disclose how many people of color they had on their team. Unfortunately, most companies had only a very small percentage of nonblack employees, if any at all.

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