Moving an expensive artwork safely during a house move helps to eliminate the stress of the relocation

October 21 20:36 2020
Moving an expensive artwork safely during a house move helps to eliminate the stress of the relocation

If you are an art lover with several exquisite pieces in your possession, their safety is indeed your responsibility. Especially when you are relocating your house and moving the artwork, you need to ensure that the safety is of top consideration. The experts at suggest a few tips for you to make your artwork moving job easier.

Because of the different art pieces at your home must be of different shapes, sizes, and nature, you must have a lot of consideration. It is thus important to collect as much knowledge as possible for safely moving your fragile possessions to your next address. This guide is everything you need to refer to today to ensure your artwork reaches the new house with ultimate safety and without any damage. So, let us get started:

1. Start with an understanding of your artwork

Art is of different kinds and the art pieces you have must be different. From paintings to statues, figurines, and more, there are numerous categories of art you might have at home. Even under the painting category, there are different types and each one of them demands different packing and handling skills and knowledge. Go through the painting details if you do not have much knowledge about its intricacies. Once you have sorted the art supplies, make sure you have a list of what should be packed how.

2. Using boxes for safe packing of art pieces is recommended

There are different and social types of packing boxes for art supplies. For example, for packing paintings some boxes are designed in a way to keep the mirror and frame safe. Moreover, there are customizable boxes available that can be tailored to fit a particular frame size safely. Using these boxes is way safer than adjusting a cardboard box around the painting and then fixing it with packaging tape. Adding bubble wrap to the packaging is another addition to its safety while transportation.

3. Crates for large art pieces

If you have large paintings, sculptures, or other huge pieces of art, you must consider putting them in a crate for safe packing. Packing paintings in a crate is an expensive affair, but when you have a painting worth a huge price tag, you must consider spending a few extra dollars, shouldn’t you? You can find all varieties of crates in the market and pick the one that suits your requirements. Certain crates are built for specific pieces only so when you venture in the market to find one, make sure you read all the product label information and make the right purchase.

It is even better if you can get a professional make customized crates for your needs. However, if there isn’t much flexibility to do so, you can consider buying pre-built crates from a good brand and ensure the safety of your expensive pieces.

4. Combine smaller pieces and make one box:

Instead of packing all the items separately, you can always combine them in a box. However, before you do so, make sure you wrap them carefully with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will protect the art pieces from banging and scratching each other.

Packing smaller pieces together will not only make handling them easy but it will also ensure safety. All the pieces in the box will keep the other one secure in its place. If there is space left in the box, fill it with packing peanuts to further put them safely.

5. Communicate with the movers

As you must have taken professional help from the movers, you need to be open with them about all the fragile items you have in the inventory. Choosing professional packing services is another great option. However, if you do not have to opt for the services, you must mark the boxes ‘fragile’.

Make sure that the movers know what is in which box so that they can handle it efficiently. Although the moving company would evaluate your inventory before they offer you a moving quote, you must ensure that on a moving day they know how many boxes containart pieces.

Engaging a credible moving company:

If you want to have a safe relocation, especially when the artwork is involved, you must ensure that only a credible company is assisting you. The expertise of the moving company matters a lot. You must ensure that the movers are skilled and experienced. Check their website for the art moving services they offer. You must also read the user’s reviews of the company on the internet. Talk with the moving company representative at length about their ideas for moving the artwork you possess. Only if you get satisfied with their approach, you should go ahead with the engagement.

When you know what to do and there are professionals taking care of your valuable artwork, you can eliminate the stress of the relocation. Hope this guide will offer you the desired assistance and you will have a safe relocation.

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