Details How to Come Up with the Perfect ID Badge Design

October 22 01:06 2020 Details How to Come Up with the Perfect ID Badge Design

There is a reason most successful companies issue their employees ID badges. Having an employee show his or her badges at the door improves building security. Issuing high-quality ID cards also boosts employee morale and makes the company’s valued employees feel like they are part of a team.

Stay On-Brand

Employee badges are a reflection of the company identity. It’s best to keep them on-brand by using the company logo, color scheme, and fonts. Some large companies also color-code employee ID badges by department or clearance level. That’s fine, but make sure the rest of the card is still on-brand.

Keep It Simple

It may be tempting to create complex, visually stunning designs, but according to, ID badges are more effective when designers keep things simple. Avoid cluttering them up with unnecessary background images, text, and other design features that could make the cards harder to read. With any sort of Employee training: The overlooked security strategy, it’s easier to train new security personnel if the cards are simple enough to read and interpret quickly.

Choose the Right Orientation

ID badges can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. Portrait orientations are more common, but landscape orientations can be a better fit for some companies. If many employees have long names, for example, it’s better to use a horizontal orientation. That way, there’s no need to make the text unreadably small just to fit employees’ names on their badges.

Accommodate Features

Some types of badges are more advanced than others. Business owners who plan to incorporate bar codes or mag strips into their employees’ ID badges will need to keep that in mind when they choose a design. Don’t design and print over bar codes, mag strips, or ID chips, as this can affect their functionality. There is a great site has additional info on how to use these and other unique features to full advantage.

Incorporate Security Features

There’s little sense in issuing employee ID badges that can be copied easily by anyone with a specialized printer. Thankfully, there are plenty of security features that can help. InstantCard offers holographic overlays, smart chips, and other covert and overt security features. They offer affordable options for any business owner who wants to tighten up security and catch potential forgeries.

Decide Between Slots and Clips Before Designing the Cards

Whether business owners choose to punch slots in the cards or use clips will affect what design choices are available. Never place the company logo or essential employee information where it could get removed when the slot is punched or covered by the clip. Hiring a professional designer will eliminate this issue completely.

Consider Common Uses

Many employee badges feature mag strips. They allow workers to access areas of the building or even pay for lunch in the cafeteria using their ID cards. Those who want to incorporate this feature should avoid placing important information near the strip, as it could get scratched.

The Bottom Line

Put some thought into designing employee badges. They aren’t just for identification. Well-designed badges can also act as security features and represent the company in a positive light. When in doubt, hire a designer.

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