IPv4Connect Marketplace Takes the IP Address Industry By Storm

October 22 10:12 2020
IPv4Connect Marketplace Takes the IP Address Industry By Storm

Leading the global market for IPv4 address acquisitions and sales, IPv4Connect has become the most popular platform for clients looking to transfer IP addresses in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC. The marketplace was developed in 2018 by Brander Group Inc. to provide organizations with a transparent and seamless experience when purchasing IPv4 address subnets.

In the initial stages of development of the marketplace, Brander Group interviewed over 100 clients to determine key features that end users could actually benefit from.  The questions were based around ease of use, knowledge share, transparency and a high level of support.

Brander Group and IPv4Connect are leading the IPv4 market in 2020, performing 40 – 50 transfers globally in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions. The secret to the success of IPv4Connect is the ability to implement desired key features while also providing the highest level of care with every client.  The team and platform focus on 4 critical pillars of success:

Ease of Use

IPv4Connect marketplace was developed with specific features to make the IPv4 transfer process seamless and simple.  One of the most common requests was to have a set price and avoid a lengthy auction process. Based on the client feedback, the auction process negatively impacted their experience.  The majority of clients wanted to purchase IPs when they needed them, rather than having to wait a week while the price was driven up.

Fully Managed Transfers

IPv4Connect provides a fully managed transfer process, supporting clients looking to buy IP addresses from start to finish.  Most clients were not aware of the intricacies that were involved in transferring IPv4 subnets, and heavily relied on the support provided by the team at IPv4Connect.  Even more interestingly, most were not aware of the pre-approval requirements in ARIN and APNIC prior to being able to even acquire IPv4 addresses. 


One of the most important features, which happens to be unique to IPv4Connect, is access to detailed blacklist reporting on all of the IPv4 subnets available for purchase in the marketplace. It was clear that there was a lack of transparency with regards to the cleanliness of the IPv4 addresses.  Therefore, IPv4Connect utilizes a proprietary software that pings every IP address against roughly 100 global blacklists.  The report is then provided to each client to reduce their due diligence and provide them peace of mind

Seller Qualification

While ARIN, RIPE and APNIC perform due diligence during the transfer process, there is little knowledge into the seller of the IPv4 address space in most cases.  IPv4Connect fully qualifies each IPv4 block owner to ensure that they own the IPs free and clear of any liens.  Due diligence is also performed to ensure the IP addresses are no longer routed in BGP, clear of any old routing records and DNS entries.  These initial steps guarantee that the new owner of the IP addresses will not encounter any issues when they attempt to announce the IPs via their internet service provider.

With the resistance of IPv6 adoption, the need for IPv4 will play an important role in the global internet over the next 7 – 10 years. As the market continues to grow and develop, the need for a fully supportive and transparent marketplace will become even more important.  Organizations from all over the world with continue to depend on Brander Group and IPv4Connect to help them safely buy and sell IPv4 addresses.

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