Fairfield County Startup’s Game Stimulates Discussion on Coronavirus & Safer Practices

October 22 10:26 2020
Fairfield County Startup’s Game Stimulates Discussion on Coronavirus & Safer Practices

October 22, 2020 – Stamford, Connecticut – Like millions of Americans ensconced at home during the pandemic, Wilton resident Shahan Islam and his family have sought fun and creative ways to pass the time. In this context, Shahan’s company CategoryTen has developed the board game COVIDOPOLY19.

While the game, like many other games, embodies some aspects of the well-known game Monopoly, there are numerous differences. For example, spaces on the board represent locations affected by the current pandemic. Instead of four railroads, there are four leading hospitals in the world. Rather than Chance or Community Chest cards, there are “Ventilator” and “Mask” cards, designed to provide facts about the novel coronavirus and pandemic. As an example, one mask card reads: “You wash your hands well as soaps degrade the virus’ fatty protective layer, deactivating it. Get $150.” Some of the cards inject humor into an otherwise difficult and tragic context of the pandemic. For instance, another mask card reads: “During the pandemic, you ask yourself who are these people in your house and do you really need to feed them all. Pay $100.” 

The game pieces include people and objects of relevance to the pandemic. Players may choose to be a mask, a sanitizer bottle, an aerosol spray, a ventilator, toilet paper, and the like. Alternatively, a player could choose to be a person.

Covidopoly19 players are encouraged to go to the website and submit comments for improving the game. “Our goal is to release subsequent editions of Covidopoly19 with updated game pieces and other interesting surprises,” says Kari Eisenberg, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. “We also hope it will be educational, elicit constructive discussion about difficult issues relating to the pandemic and persuade people to act in a safer manner.” 

The board game will be made available for sale through CategoryTen.com and Covidopoly19.com websites. It is an exclusive opportunity to purchase a game that is relatable to almost everybody on the planet right now.

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