Increase Market Share with a Retail POS System According to

October 22 20:30 2020
Increase Market Share with a Retail POS System According to

Small business owners spend countless hours planning and marketing their businesses. To get a return on that investment, gaining a piece of the existing market share is essential. No matter how innovative the product is or how well it performs, a small business is not likely to pull customers away from other retailers without a point of sale system.

Accepting Credit Cards

Consumers expect retailers to accept their credit cards. Few people carry enough cash to make a significant purchase. If a customer cannot use their credit or debit cards, they are going to shop with a competitor. If they do make a purchase, it will be small. Studies have shown that the average purchase is higher when a customer used plastic than when they pay with cash. The product has to be far superior to the competition for a customer to return with additional cash. Small business owners can avoid this problem by setting up a POS system at their stores. 

Build a Positive Reputation

New businesses are started every day. Many of them close within the first few years. There are many reasons for these business failures but, according to, one thing all of the companies that succeed have in common is a good reputation in the communities they serve. Consumers are more likely to build loyalty with a company they trust will be around for a while. Accepting credit cards can give customers the confidence they need to fall in love with the brand. 

Save Time and Money

An effective POS system will calculate sales tax and ensure customers are charged the appropriate price for each item they purchase. Business owners don’t have to worry about their cashiers keying in the wrong price or forgetting to charge sales tax. Not only will a POS system from a company such as Revel Systems give new business credibility, but it will also allow the owner to focus on other important matters. This time can be invaluable in terms of gaining market share. 

Choosing the Right System

New business owners sometimes struggle with how to choose a POS system for a small business. There are many possibilities on the market today. The best one for a retail business is one that can grow with the company. Although the store may not need all of the features a system offers right now, choosing a robust system early can avoid the wasted time and energy to replace a simple one in the future.  

Retailers that plan to sell their products online and in a brick-and-mortar store can click site here to learn more about how a POS system can help them gain market share so they can succeed where others fail. 

The best point-of-sale systems offer not only payment processing and inventory management but also customer relationship management features. Small businesses that communicate with their customers are more likely to gain their loyalty because the businesses can offer customers the products they want when they want them. A CRM system gives retailers the opportunity to collect contact information from customers and send them updates and surveys about new products, coupons and, special offers designed especially for them.

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