Storypages Digital Agency Helps Businesses Pivot and Reopen in the New Environment

October 26 20:57 2020
Storypages Digital Agency Helps Businesses Pivot and Reopen in the New Environment
This company offers business solutions anchored on modern websites with clear story messaging and engaging interactions with online consumers that lead to sales conversions

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes in the way people live. Today, consumers are embracing digital experiences more than ever. Transactions online have skyrocketed too. To usher in small businesses and engage them with new users online, digital agency Storypages offers them website and bot automation services with a modern approach and interactive style.

“Our Storypages System originated from reviewing over 1,000 effective websites and filtering the commonalities into three areas that lead to conversions,” said Alberto Silva, founder of Storypages.

The company’s websites are designed for online sales through three proven areas: Story messaging, going modern, and interaction.

“During Covid-19 our clients were asking us, ‘How will you make my life better?’ – so we built our solutions answering that very question. We then helped our clients answer that same question for their own online customers,” Silva shared.

Storypages’ framework stresses the need for a small business to focus on giving a clear message on what its products or services are, along with its distinction from other brands. This process gets the attention of a brand’s target market. Inviting buyers into a story is the key, according to Silva.

“Today, if you confuse, you lose. So we strive to defeat noise with clarity and simplicity in our sites,” he added.

The company has also partnered with the Wix Marketplace to support its users in a meaningful and relevant way.

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About Storypages

Storypages provides digital business solutions that help brands pivot and reopen in the new environment. The company’s founder, Alberto Silva, is a film graduate turned entrepreneur from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. Silva is harnessing the power of storytelling and integrating it with visual communications for small business and startups, as an agency.

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