Package Unit Pros Provides COVID Era HVAC Maintenances, Balancing Safety and Customer Budgets

October 26 21:09 2020
Package Unit Pros Provides COVID Era HVAC Maintenances, Balancing Safety and Customer Budgets
This company specializes in providing HVAC services to package unit facilities in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa with health and safety protocols in mind

Maintaining a property’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems during a pandemic can pose financial and safety concerns to facility owners. In a genuine effort to help property owners maintain their HVAC systems in these uncertain times, a commercial HVAC company Package Unit Pros is now providing HVAC maintenance with additional safety procedures and a virus mitigation checklist to address the most vulnerable areas of a customer’s HVAC system.

Package Unit Pros has developed its Pandemic Compliance HVAC Maintenance based on the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards. They are sharing these protocols with customers, non-customers, and even competitors. The company’s management team believes that this simple gesture of extending their expertise benefits everyone’s health and safety and is a good way to show support and camaraderie with their client base amidst these trying times.

The people behind the company changed their pre-pandemic process to adopt new standards that zero in on health and safety protocols. This change allows them to render the same high-quality services in addition to addressing health and budget concerns. They also made sure to have 24/7 customer support services readily available for those who may have pressing issues and concerns.

With many property owners trying to save money to survive the financial impact of the pandemic, the company believes that spending much-needed cash on costly HVAC services will only be an added burden. Package Unit Pros’ affordable services give facility owners a more budget-friendly set of services. By switching to Package Unit Pros, clients get 25% savings on the total cost of maintenance and related repairs.

Furthermore, the company has advised clients to steer away from unproven and expensive products that claim to mitigate or even eliminate the COVID-19 virus from a building’s air system and space. According to Dan Munier, Package Unit Pros Vice President, they only recommend products and procedures adopted and approved by ASHRAE.

Products such as Bipolar Ionizers have limited science and third-party verification. Priced at $2,000 a unit, they believe a lot more validation is needed before they advise their clients to make that kind of investment.

Many of the company’s recommendations cost nothing, such as increasing outdoor ventilation and minimizing blow-by in between filters. For example, many buildings are upgrading from MERV 8 Filters to MERV 13 at a fairly significant cost. But if there’s just a 10mm gap between filters, those expensive filters do not perform any better, making their purchase a total waste of money. When this pandemic is over, Package Unit Pros want their customers to know in hindsight that they looked out for their safety and their budget.

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Package Unit Pros is a reliable commercial HVAC company that services all major HVAC brands including York, Trane, and Carrier. To date, they are known as the only commercial HVAC service company to specialize exclusively in package unit facilities.

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