“Kaldani Spires – A Star Wars Story” Series Kickstarter Campaign Slated for October 30

October 27 15:15 2020
"Kaldani Spires - A Star Wars Story" Series Kickstarter Campaign Slated for October 30

J Michael Miller’s Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming “Kaldani Spires – A Star Wars Story” is to go live on October 30. The author, who has spent six months developing the storyline and characters for the series, is expecting the crowdfunding campaign to provide further impetus to the development of the series.

“Kaldani Spires – A Star Wars Story” is a web series that focuses on events in the life of three teenagers who are searching for their place within the Star Wars universe. With liberal doses of adventure, comedy, and intrigue, the challenges that the three have to face forms the plot. The themes revolve around friendship, fate, and ultimately finding oneself in this complicated world. Miller has built complexities into the storyline to make it gripping and involving.

A series of happenings lead to situations that change the lives of the protagonists forever. They discover a hidden truth, new friends, and their destinies through their explorations and adventures. How the three teenagers band together to form the Kaldani Crew, an adolescent cell of Rebel hopefuls, forms the prelude to the plot.

For Miller, Star Wars has been a passion since childhood. He reminisces, “In 1999, The Phantom Menace was released in theaters. My mom did not realize how much my life was going to change from watching that movie… Star Wars was the first place I felt home inside of a story. A galaxy far, far away and its stories have provided an escape for me since I was a kid. It would be a dream come true to return the favor for someone else.”

Miller, an American screenwriter, has experience in various genres. After obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment, he became a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He has contributed several news articles to Daily Esports and is credited with writing a short story, Rummy, which was published by Scarlet Leaf in 2017.  He headed a writing team at Tatum Games and wrote for Heroes vs. Villains. His science-fiction short film, “A.I. – Artificial Intolerance,” is in the pre-production stage.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/311361454/kaldani-spires-a-star-wars-story-0

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