Online Education Success Offers Stellar Coaching Programs for Budding Entrepreneurs

October 27 23:28 2020
Truth be told, having a formal education in business does not guarantee success in the real world. Neither is education a strict requirement of success. There are many rags-to-riches stories to attest to this; individuals who came from zero business backgrounds but have brought themselves to succeed because of their passion and singular vision.

But this is not to say that they never learned a thing or two about running a business. Experience is an effective teacher, even if it happens at a slower pace and involves a lot of trial-and-error. Getting a real experience is good, but the wiser decision will always be learning from the knowledge and experience of others.

Education is about having a foundation. Take the entrepreneur. Whether he is the owner of the corner store or a venture-capitalist-funded internet start-up, he would certainly undertake financial, management, marketing, or other business-specific concerns. In such situations, preparation in business has always helped.
There are many ways to get ready for a business endeavor. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. A business degree will certainly provide a big knowledge base, but it will take a person years and money to complete. Often, a short online course is more appropriate and practical. When it comes to courses that can prepare a budding entrepreneur in a short time frame, the coaching programs offered by Online Education Success fit the bill.
Online Education Success is an online provider of digital solutions for businesses. Among its many offerings are a series of packages aimed at providing businesses with specialized digital marketing services while providing the owners with bespoke business coaching to develop their acumen.
The following are some details of the marketing and coaching packages:

1. Digital Marketing package with Business Coaching – This program assists entrepreneurs in growing their business by providing (1) Marketing and Sales Funnel Consultation, (2) Video Sales Letter Development Consultation, (3) Market Condition and Competitor Research, (4) a Marketing Funnel Design, (5) Video Sales Letter Plan, and (6) three one-hour Business Coaching Calls.
This package helps in creating an effective business marketing strategy that will ensure business consistency and long-term growth. The strategy is based in part on creative digital marketing initiatives supported by a developing business leader who is made more effective with every phase of the program roll-out.
2. Premium Marketing with Sales Optimization and Business Coaching – This program builds upon the first, which is to say it shares the same marketing and sales consultation services, field research, funnel design, and VSL plan. Additionally, it comes with a fully fleshed-out digital advertising campaign based on consultation and market research.
The additional goal of this package is to build a business’s efficiency and sustainability via the aforementioned digital advertising campaign and business coaching services. Through coaching and advice, a client entrepreneur will learn how to conduct and manage his campaign and reap all the benefits.
3. Premium Marketing with VSL Creation and Business Coaching – Further building on the previous program, this package includes the same marketing and sales consultation services, field research, funnel design, VSL plan, and an advertising campaign. The additional feature to this package is the inclusion of a Video Sales Letter Planning and Production.
A Video Sales Letter, when planned and executed properly, can attract and convince customers the best. This translates to a greater number of site visitors, which in turn will lead to greater conversion numbers. More transactions mean a better bottom line, more business stability, and an increase in the likelihood of business expansion. Additionally, the business coaching sessions will help a client take better control of his business, particularly in times of greater business activity.
4. VIP Premium Business Marketing Full Strategy – As its name will suggest, this provides all of the digital marketing, management, and business coaching services of Online Education Success. This package includes (1) Marketing and Sales Funnel creation, (2) Website Design and Development, (3) Video Sales Letter (VSL) Production, (4) Email Campaign Creation, (5) Advertising Campaign Creation, (6) Social Media Account Creation and Management, (7) Advertising and Promotion through the most popular social media network platforms, and (8) Ongoing VIP Coaching Calls.
This the most premium package offered only by Online Education Success does not only include all marketing services but also provides unlimited business coaching support from Online Education Success’s highest-rating business coaches. This package is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants every facet of digitally marketing done right and also the one who understands the real value of self-investment.

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