Los Angeles based novelty subscription company promotes self-care through subscription boxes

October 28 04:51 2020
Los Angeles based novelty subscription company promotes self-care through subscription boxes
Pinnedbox is a company that makes subscription boxes for women based on skin care and self-care needs. It believes in how unwinding and taking time for oneself is extremely integral to a well-balanced lifestyle.

Los Angeles, United States – There is no doubt that these are trying times. Everyone needs their friends and family, especially when the world is going through a pandemic crisis. Even though social distancing is very important to keep people healthy, the loneliness can have a negative impact on physical and mental health. To avoid this, it is important to find creative solutions for combating loneliness, even when it is not possible to spend one-on-one time with people.

Therefore, the management at Pinnedbox decided to create a way to not only to be social, but also a fun way to put a hold on the endless tasks we all have, so that we can take a break for ourselves and recharge. Each month, people receive a subscription box full of goodies that are curated to help them unwind and spend valuable time with themselves and their friends over DIY projects. It’s very important to make time for one self which is why these self care subscription boxes are the perfect gateway.

Customers can expect a lot from the first subscription box. Each month, the box will contain ingredients for different self-care products. They will receive everything from scratch. The ingredients will always be perfectly portioned because Pinnedbox wants everyone to get right into the fun of creating, not setting up. They completely take care of the measurements for the customers and include detail instructions with each box. The biggest problem with DIY self-care is that the ingredients tend to come in massive quantities or you need a little of a lot of things, which is why it feels like a waste of money for people who just want to make a few small batches. The use of Pinnedbox subscription boxes also eliminate the risk of wrong measurements because nobody wants to be the subject of a soap or candle failure.

Pinnedbox offers a unique “Girls Night In”, where ladies can create their favourite self-care items like soaps, candles, bath bombs, and more together virtually. These subscription boxes for women are a great way to pencil in more time for themselves despite being busy with their daily schedules. These self-care and skincare subscription boxes cost $37 a month with free shipping and helps to save a ton of money that would be spent on bulk and unnecessary ingredients for small scale projects.

This subscription box is perfect if one wants to wind down alone or with friends. One of the most important aspects of Pinnedbox is that it allows customers to confidently set-aside time for themselves each month. Other than this, the best part is that the self-care is for a whole month. Just because the box only arrives once a month does not mean that it is only useful for the one time you use it. Clients can take a little time for themselves every day to use their amazing creation until the next box arrives.

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