Ex-homeland Security Analyst Seth Gordon Takes Asset Recovery Specialist Firm CNC Intelligence Inc. To The Next Level.

October 31 07:09 2020
Ex-homeland Security Analyst Seth Gordon Takes Asset Recovery Specialist Firm CNC Intelligence Inc. To The Next Level.
Intelligence-based asset recovery specialist firm CNC Intelligence Inc. can now count on the skills of Seth A. Gordon, a retired Department of Homeland Security intelligence analyst and communications specialist with a more-than-impressive resume.

Washington, DC – October 30, 2020 – CNC Intelligence Inc., a global asset recovery-focused operation with offices in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv, Israel, has just announced the addition of retired Department of Homeland Security security specialist Seth Gordon to its team of expert consultants.

Gordon brings more than 17 years’ worth of experience to CNC Intelligence Inc. and is slated to take the investigative team to the next level.

According to CNC Intelligence Inc.’s VP of Client Relations, Elliot Taylor, “Gordon’s addition enhances our investigative capabilities to track virtual and real-world assets. Gordon will lead our investigative team, while liaising with law enforcement bodies around the world.”

From CNC Intelligence Inc.’s perspective, getting Seth Gordon onboard is a winning move. During his 17 years of service with the Department of Homeland Security, some of the positions Gordon held were:

  • Intelligence Analyst.

  • Inspector.

  • Supervisor.

  • Communications Specialist.

  • Security Specialist.

In addition to his stellar record, his resume bears the recommendation of former US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez.

Before his Department of Homeland Security tenure, Gordon served as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the City of Long Beach, NY.

About CNC Intelligence Inc.:

With its head offices at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, CNC Intelligence Inc. is an asset-recovery and investigation management company with a global reach.

Its services include:

  • Investigation management. To this end, the company uses software solutions used by intelligence professionals and law enforcement agencies.

  • Cyber investigations by Certified Investigators.

  • Asset tracking – the first step in the recovery process.

  • Cryptocurrency tracing.

  • Open intelligence, human intelligence, financial intelligence, and cyber intelligence.

  • Intelligence analysis.

  • Offshore legal expertise.

The tracing and recovery of digital assets is a modern-day challenge CNC Intelligence Inc. is fully equipped to undertake. The company can trace popular digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with many others.

With crypto fraud making weekly headlines, such a service offers actionable solutions to the victims of these cyber heists.

CNC Intelligence Inc. can:

  • Track the movement of digital assets.

  • Identify wallets holding stolen crypto goods.

  • Track the location of wallet users.

For more information on intelligence-based asset tracking and recovery, contact CNC Intelligence Inc. via their website cncintel.com, or phone 1 (202) 773-4626.

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