New Ideas & Products Have Never Been Easier to Take to Market.

October 31 18:09 2020
Company provides businesses insights before they have their finished product in hand.

Many new or first time entrepreneurs today face the challenges of getting their idea seen by prospective customers, regardless of what stage their business is in. Virtue Marketing Group, a start-up in the business of helping start-ups, understands this problem. To help businesses get noticed, build a reputation, and get more sales by the time the new product or idea is ready to be launched, the company offers its promotion services that puts brands on the map, even if they aren’t ready to go to market yet.

“Our mission is to help business owners of any size get their idea to market, build strong customer relations, and make data-driven decisions for their business through testing different audiences,” said Johnny Garcia, Founder of VMG.

Virtue Marketing Group requires businesses to have a strong “Why” behind their idea, and prefers businesses which have either a patent pending, or a final patent finished. What sets them apart from other firms is their ability to work with clients who still have yet to receive a final form of their product. VMG specializes in using prototypes in order to gauge early interest in what the final product will be.

When promoting a product or idea, VMG focuses on growing and targeting customers who will eventually be worth the most to the business – this means they are not only the lowest cost to acquire, but retain.

Once they have zoned in on a target market, VMG will consult and interact with members of that market so that the idea or prototype can be revised in order to fit their needs even better.

After this, VMG will ensure that once ready to ship, the business or entrepreneur has all of their ducks in a row before they start promoting and shipping the final product. By this time, the business will benefit from re-marketing to those who have already been exposed to the idea.

In a world where almost everything can be unsure at times, VMG is working to take the guesswork out of entrepreneurship.

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